Maria Citizen TV: See How Maria got In Trouble after visiting Boss Victor’s ‘Empire’.

Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor

Maria Citizen TV: Luwi and Vanessa will still be choking Brenda. Luwi will visit Brenda since she is the only one left in their team what she is planning to do but she will still insist on not knowing anything.

Brenda will start narrating to them telling them she wishes they knew her side of the story and the pain of not knowing where she was born. She will say she doesn’t know her biological father.

Brenda will say her mother usually treats her like a slave and threats her every time. Brenda will say she decided to stay away from Luwi because she started sleeping with men while she was young since it was like a tender business for her mom and she did it to make her happy.

Maria will go to William’s house. She will arrive at the gate but Mwambe will be sleeping, she will throw some stones at him then he will wake up. Maria will tell him she wants to see William.

Mwambe will excuse himself then make a phone call and he will be told to allow her in. Maria will start looking around. Sophia will be shocked at seeing her and tell her she has heard she is looking for William, Sofia will tell her to leave her house but Maria will ask her which house.

Maria will start calling William’s name than the two will start fighting. Kanini will come from upstairs, they will force Maria out of the house but she won’t go.

Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor
Maria Citizen TV: See How Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor’s Home.

They will wake up Sonia to assist. Maria will ask Victor what is going on but Victor will warn her not to touch Sofia because she is his sister. Victor will ask if Maria has touched anywhere and he will be told she was just loitering there.

Victor will say whenever she has touched should be Fumigated because she is dirty😂😂😂. Kanini and Sophia will carry Maria out of the house.

Victor Humiliate Maria in His ”Empire”

For a long time, Victor had been in front lane fighting for his family. What happened recently left almost everyone in deep confusion. Victor is not the real son of boss William yet he claims to own two of boss William’s houses.

The most shocking part of this story is how Victor chased the whole family away mercilessly. His mother madam Vicky cried a lot but he didn’t bother.

Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor
Maria Citizen TV: See How Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor’s Home.

In the upcoming episodes, you will see Maria visiting boss William’s place unaware of what had happened. Upon arriving in the house, Sofia confronted her while she was still looking for boss William.

Later on, Sonia too arrived and demanded her to leave. Victor was called to the scene after she refused. He contemptuously called her street girl.

To be honest enough, Victor humiliated Maria to the core before Kanini and Sofia chased her away like a dog. Maria must have gone to see boss William over the issue of finding her parent. She actually didn’t expect to meet such a mess.

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