Maria Tv Show: Do you Know Maria and Silas are Daniel’s Children

Maria's Biological Father.

Maria tv show is a show that is aired on one of the local tv channels- citizen Tv. In the show, there are many controversies and infidelity in the families involved.

Maria and Silas have been looking for their biological parents since when Sandra kidnapped Maria and manipulated his mind about her real parents.

Naomi who Maria used to believe that she is her real mother, died and Rufina and father Ezekiel confessed that Naomi was just a mother who brought Maria up but was not her real mother. Maria’s biological mother died when she was delivering Maria and Naomi took charge of her.

However, Maria gas not yet got to know her real parents, she believes that boss William who is a father to Luwi knows who Maria’s parents are and that made Maria go part ways with Luwi her love of life.

Rufina and Father Ezekiel told Maria that her mother was working in one of the richest family and when she got pregnant she left and that made her husband leave her too.

It is believed that she was working at Daniel’s place and that is where she got pregnant from.

Silas Rufina’s son has also been looking for his real father after Moris his stepfather confessed that he is not his real father. In recent episodes, there were a lot of things that were happening at Daniel’s place and the recent one was Maria’s wedding with Brighton who acted as Daniel’s son.

Daniel on seeing Rufina fainted and that shows that Daniel and Rufina had a relationship before and she is likely to confess that and settle the difference between her and her son Silas.

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