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Man Who Slept With His Blood Sister Speaks Up.


A man has taken to his Facebook page to share his sexcapade with his blood sister.

A Facebook user popularly known as pussypastor reveals how he slept with his biological sister. He said the incidence happened long ago when they were still kids thus:

“When I fucked my blood sister, it was a long time ago. We were playing on the bed, she had only her short skirt and pant, we didn’t know when we kissed and start a romance and we fucked. This happened like 3 times. I also fucked one of my cousins. It was consensual, we both want it. We kept it secret till we outgrow the feelings and they are married now”.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with incest. Especially when it is consensual. To prove his point, he said that animals sleep with fellow animals whether they are offsprings from the same parents. He also said that even male goats do sleep with their mothers so why should humans be different. 

He, therefore, likened human beings to animals saying that ” we are all animals but we are higher animals with higher intelligence “. Since we’re all animals, then when can sleep with whoever we want to

In furtherance, he said that 90% of Nigerians have at one point or the other slept with their relatives and siblings but because our society frowns at it, nobody wants to own up to it. In some advance countries, siblings marry each other he said. And even the biblical Cain he argued, married his sister.

Pussypastor said he didn’t see anything wrong with one sleeping with one’s sibling so long as it is not rape. As expected, his analogy didn’t sit well with most Facebook users especially Christians but he seemed not to be perturbed as he called them ‘pretenders’.

He advised people to do what they like with whoever. ‘if the country you live in does not accept incest, go to another country who accepts it and live your best life’

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