Meet A 25-year-old Man Who Remained An Infant Ever Since He Was Born.

Remained An Infant Ever

Nothing brings about Joy in a parents life like seeing his or her children grow in a healthy way just like the parent hoped for.

Even though kids are different, their well being is what matters most . Every step that a child takes as s/he grows is celebrated by the parents and this kind of joy can never be measured.

No parent here on earth has ever wished to give birth to a baby whose features, growth rate, or anything else is not normal. We all wish for normal healthy babies.

Remained An Infant

A family in India was denied this kind of joy after their son, Manpreet Singh was born with a disorder that made him never grow hence remaining like an infant for the last twenty-five years he has lived.

Remained An Infant Ever Since He Was Born.

Singh,is said to have been born in the year 1995 but till date, he is unable to make if not take any steps that other kids under go.

Reports have it that Sighn’s parents took him to his Uncle’s place to stay there after they were unable to take care of him.

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