This Man In Machakos county Raped a Cow to Death.

Machakos county

The man hailing from Kyeng’ali village Kalama sub-county of Machakos county is accused of engaging in bestiality with a neighbors cow.

A 22-year-old man escaped death by a whisker after an irate mob descended on him with blows and kicks.

The man identified by his nickname Survivor’ is said to have raped the pregnant cow to death.

The in incidents confirmed a Nyumba kumKumiairperson Lydia Nthambi from Machakos county who observed that it’s not the first time the man is accused of engaging in an unnatural act with an animal.

Two years ago he was accused of taking a sheep to death.

“He took the cow from the shed tied it to a tree then proceeded with raping it. It’s Its and neck were tied to the tree. He then took a knife and slashed it,”said Nthambi.

She observed that the man was found with blood on his clothes and after villagers accosted and beat him up he confessed.

She observed that he doesn’t have a home and sleeps where the darkness has caught up with him.

Jane Katunge in Machakos county the owner of the cow said that it was stolen last night while she slept.

She disclosed that she didn’t hear any commotion due to the heavy rains that we’re falling.

” The cow was pregnant, he untied it from the shed and took it somewhere a way which we use going to the shop. He toed it to a tree and raped it,”she said.

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