“Stop Being a Watermelon” Makau Mutua Attacks DP Ruto With a Fiery Remark

Makau Mutua

American Professor of Law Makau Mutua has viciously attacked Deputy President William Ruto’s latest stand on the Building Bridges issuing controversial remarks.

According to the Second in Command, he has said that the new statement by the Second in Command on the Building Bridges Initiative is “circumlocutory and circuitous.”

Prof Makau Mutua has likened DP Ruto’s stand to “a dog chasing its tail” putting in that he should stop being watermelon and declare his clear position on the BBI.

“The “new” statement by DP @WilliamsRuto on BBI is circumlocutory and circuitous — like a dog chasing its tail. No new there “there.” Stop being a “watermelon.” In democracies — unlike dictatorships — contentious questions are decided not by consensus but at the ballot box,” Makau Mutua has said.

The remarks from Professor Makau Mutua has however sparked reactions from Netizens with some penning as follows;

Duke: It seems mentioning DP Ruto in the evening gives you some kind of satisfaction. Maybe a kind of cultus.

Joseph: Yet another proof that a PhD is sometimes overrated. A Prof who just supports because he hates some of those who oppose is a big tragedy in what the society thought was an intellectual resource.

Nike: Surely these guys didn’t want anything to do with BBI for the last 2yrs, suddenly they want the whole process redone. Who’s fooling who?

Wanjohi: He can’t decide because if he does we gonna be in a burning country people’s are mad as they are in us because of trump they just need a little ignition which our DP and peace-loving Kenyan doesn’t want.,

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