Julius, alias Majimaji “Coronas” Nyikal.. Get To Know His Whole Story.


Just the other day we picked up from local media platforms of Seme Sub-county and what caught out attention was a trending concern about people’s lives directed to Hon. Dr. James Wambura Nyikal by MajiMaji who is also known as Julius Owino. He had given his concern about the Seme floods victims and a 7-day ultimatum for action to be taken by the MPs office.
Today Majimaji Tells us about what it’s taking the people of Seme and their suffering.

Julius, alias Majimaji has so far helped the vulnerable Seme residents, donating to the food, over 4,000 face masks, 150,000 liters of clean water, helped construct collapsing homes among other human needs.

Majimaji on his side says that he needs the Same Mp to react as soon as practicable, else he’ll mobilize the residents to stand for themselves.

“Seme just like other parts of the Lake region is experiencing flooding caused by rising levels of the lake due to backflow. The heavy long rains also add up to the backflow as the lake water is not absorbed as fast as it is flowing in.
The rivers too have burst their banks causing havoc to nearby homes.

Uniquely we are experiencing spring flooding which is currently weakening the soil and home walls with a good number collapsing. Over 300 plus homes have been affected so far meeting the threshold of a disaster. Families have been displaced, properties destroyed, livestock lost among other sufferings.”, Majimaji said.

“Dr. Nyikal has been here for some time about 8 years as MP (the 1st with the NGCDF kitty) and 30 plus years as a top senior civil servant. He has had a chance to do a lot for our people, perfomed fairly on Government projects but very little on people development, welfare and security.
Therefore in most cases people have had to find ways of coming together to tackle their challenges.”

This comes amidst the Covid 19 pandemic era.

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