Why Maina Kamanda And Kieleweke Support For Raila Odinga 2022 Statehouse Bid Might Never Be Genuine

Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke

Kenyan political scene is filled by betrayal and all manner of bad manners. It’s part of the reason why Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke support to Raila Odinga might never be genuine but based on treachery. It’s not genuine given they are today supporting Mudavadi and tomorrow supporting Raila Odinga.

Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke are just doing guesswork as they really are not sure of Uhuru Kenyatta’s preferred successor in 2022. Uhuru Kenyatta though in a handshake with Raila Odinga at no time has he said he will support his bid in 2022.

Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke might finally betray Raila Odinga if Uhuru Kenyatta supported another candidate in 2022. It’s unlikely that the MPs will support Raila Odinga for example if William Ruto is supported by the president to succeed him in 2022.

Raila Odinga should as well be aware that even if Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke supported him. It will take him an extra effort to win the support of central Kenya in his bid to be president in 2022.

Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke might support him but they lack numbers to push the agenda of Raila Odinga in central Kenya hence not genuine as they also know it’s impossible to have most central Kenya people support him owing to bad publicity about him in the past by themselves.

Time however will tell what happens going into 2022 if really Maina Kamanda and Kieleweke will manage to earn Raila Odinga the support of central Kenya political bastion that he would really need to ascend to the presidency. It’s only a matter of wait and sees what actually will happen in 2022 given we live in interesting political times.

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