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Shoe sellers lovebirds end Marriage Plans after the Boy’s Father Reveals Blood Ties.


I watched it on Ndungu Nyoro Facebook account some days ago.

Talking of problems, there is a young man who sells shoes somewhere in the city – specifically ladies’ shoes. He delivers them to clients once payment is made.

One of his regular clients ended up becoming a very close friend. Over time the friendship graduated to something else. They became lovers.

When the two lovebirds felt they were ready to move to the next level they decided to move to their parents for blessings. They chose to begin with the gent’s side.

Upon getting home things got different. The relatives who were waiting to receive ‘mgeni’ were shocked. The two love birds got to learn they were actually brother and sister. Yes. Stepbrothers.

‘Kikuyu Taboo’

According to Kikuyu elder, Thiong’o Gitau, marriage between relatives is a taboo and can spell danger in the matrimony.

If relatives marry and beget children, only a sacrifice of goats can lessen the consequences of a taboo marriage, according to Thiong’o.

Among Christians, sexual relations between certain relatives are prohibited.

These two are now in deep pain and wondering how to move on.

They met as strangers, got attracted to each other, loved each other only to learn later they are the same blood.

The girl belongs to the father’s ex-wife.

What do you think should be done?

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