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Lionel Messi’s Salary Per Hour In Kenya Shillings 2020.

Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement
Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement

Well, if you are a football fan, you must have heard Lionel Messi and needed to know more about him. He is one of the greatest players in this globe to ever step onto a football pitch.

I know you can have a different opinion probably between Messi and Christiano but let’s talk of it another time. Today let’s talk about Messi’s salary per hour in Ksh. and even per minute what he earns.

Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement
Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement

Lionel Messi plays for FC Barcelona which has shown its success through him as their team captain.

They have won trophies through him, Messi has broken many records that were set years before him. Messi has been a key player in the club for over ten years now and that is simply why he is referred to as the Greatest Of All Time.

But in the past few weeks, Lionel Messi in his announcement that he wished to walk out of Camp Nou caught football fans and greatly the Barcelona FC fans as a shock because most of them didn’t believe such news could have come from Messi at this time.

Because at a past press he revealed that he had wished to play for the club until he retires because he felt at home in Barcelona but things changed on the way.

But this was declined by the management where Catalan club insisted that Messi will only leave after his outrageous £700M release clause is met. This has made Messi stay in the club for more than one year when the clause will expire in June 2021.

Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement
PHOTO COURTESY // Lionel Messi’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsement

Let’s start with the ‘G.O.A.T’ net worth. Messi’s net worth as of 2020 is at Ksh 40B $400M. The new contract Messi signed in 2017 sees him pocket a salary of $610,000 per year.

When you divide this amount by 52 weeks you get that he pockets close to Ksh 65 million per week.

Further divide by 7days, Messi earns Ksh 9.2M per day, again divide by 24 hours, Messi has Ksh 386,904 per hour, and finally Ksh 6,448 per minute. What of the money he earns per second? Share your answers in our comments section below.

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