McDonald Mariga Wanyama Real KCSE results Per Subject & Certificate

McDonald Mariga

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesMcDonald Mariga Wanyama, famously known as Mariga by most of his fans, is one of the most talented footballers in the world, who was born and raised in Kenya. He is also a retired Kenyan footballer who used to be a defensive midfielder in a Kenya National team. McDonald Mariga made Kenyans proud after managing to be the first Kenyan footballer to play in the UEFA Champions League and won a trophy. This was back in 2010. McDonald Mariga is not only a footballer but also a politician who unsuccessfully vied for Kibera Parliamentary Seat.…

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CS Fred Matiangi Biography, Age, Education Wife, Children, And His Brother

Fred Matiangi Biography

TweetShareSharePin77 SharesInterior CS Fred Matiangi is obviously one of the most hardworking cabinet secretaries who has largely earned the trust of president Uhuru Kenyatta. The interior CS Unknown to many is married and is as well a family man. Matiangi was born in Borabu Constituency, Nyamira County. He is a Kisii by the tribe. He grew up in Nyamira before moving to Nairobi to further his studies. Education The early life of the CS and where he attended his lower education is not known to the public. However, he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Education from…

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The Meaning of Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

Presidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate

TweetShareSharePin99 SharesPresidential Motorcade an Upside Down Number Plate On Sunday at around 5:30 pm, President Uhuru Kenyatta made his way to Harambee House for a press briefing on the state of the coronavirus situation in the country. In what shocked many, the president’s car had its upside down number plate. The president’s car did not have its usual flag and there was no guard stand behind him as protocol dictates. This got many Kenyans by surprise and many took to social media to ponder on the incident. To the same,…

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The New PSV Stages in Nairobi CBD Decongestion Plan.

PSV Stages in Nairobi CBD

TweetShareSharePin77 SharesThe Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) on Friday announced the new termini that will be used when the ban on matatus from the central business district takes effect at the end of the year with the PSV Stages in Nairobi CBD. In a statement, NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi said the new PSV Stages in Nairobi CBD operations will restore order in the city.NMS has been working with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to decongest the CBD by building several bus stations on the outskirts. Maj-Gen Badi said the Kenya…

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Uwezo Fund; Requirements, ELIGIBLE applicants, How to Apply, Application Form.

Uwezo Fund; Requirements, ELIGIBLE applicants

TweetShareSharePin1111 SharesPresident Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto launched a Kshs. 6 billion funds for both the youth and women, dubbed the Uwezo Fund. The Uwezo Fund monies come from the Kshs. 6 Billion meant for Presidential run-off that was left unused. Uwezo Fund will is only available to women and youth groups and will be distributed at the constituency level. How the Uwezo fund works 1. At the National level, a National Uwezo Fund Oversight Board shall provide overall management, design, and oversight of the Fund. The Board…

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Uwezo Fund Application form (pdf)

Uwezo Fund; Requirements, ELIGIBLE applicants

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesDo you want to apply for Uwezo Fund? You must meet the following eligibility requirements: 1. Youth Groups registered with the Department of Social Services, Cooperatives, or the Registrar of Societies, with members aged between 18 and 35 years. 2. Women Groups made up of women aged eighteen years and above. 3. Registered institutions that have listed youth and women groups within them. 4. Groups must be based and operational at the constituency it seeks to make an application for consideration. 5. Groups must operate a table banking structure…

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How To Start a WordPress Blog – Work At Home While Earning Blog Money.

How To Start a WordPress Blog

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesI really enjoy blogging (Nairobi mini Bloggers) now that I have learned the essentials of how to start a WordPress blog.  While you can’t learn all there is to know about how to start a WordPress blog in 15 minutes, that is really all it takes to get one set up on the internet using the steps I’m about to share with you in this article. I really enjoy blogging now that I have learned the essentials of how to start a blog and keeping it updated regularly. While…

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Don’t Start These Businesses In Kenya If You Don’t Want To Die with Stress.

Businesses In Kenya

TweetShareSharePin44 SharesKenyans are an industrious lot always on the lookout for Businesses In Kenya opportunities. That said, starting a business in this country is no walk in the park. The licenses involved are many and sometimes confusing. City council askaris can be brutal if you don’t have these pieces of documents. Then you have to deal with many other bodies like MCSK, PRISK, etc. This writer looks at some businesses that can easily kill you with stress.  M-PESA Agent Shop  If you want an early appointment with your maker this…

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List of Multi-million Shillings Mike Sonko Business Operates

Mike Sonko Business

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesMike Sonko Business: Among the wealthiest politicians Nairobi governor’ hasn’t been left behind. Mike’s sonko is among the politicians. The flamboyant governor’ who a number of times said that he made his wealth which he was in high school. Due to the flaunting status of the governors’ wealth. There have been speculations that have linked the governors’ wealth source to drug trafficking but sonko says that he made his money clean and he further goes to defend himself that he can account for his wealth. Mike Sonko Business In…

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List Of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Branch Codes.

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Branch Codes

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesStandard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited was established in 1911 with the first branch opened in Mombasa Treasury Square. The Bank was listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 1989. The public shareholding is just over 25% (remainder held by Standard Chartered PLC), and comprises over 30,000 shareholders. We have a total of 36 branches spread across the country, 108 ATMs, and more than 1,600 employees. Standard Chartered Bank Achievements Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has achieved a number of firsts in the Market: the first bank in Kenya to be…

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