The Best Places To Buy Goods Cheaply In Nairobi.

Places To Buy Goods Cheaply In Nairobi

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesIn contrast to retail, one of the reasons why you need to understand wholesale prices is money. It’s an established fact that if you accept bulk sales, you’ll be saving more money. How you shop for the item will ensure that you get the best deals, depending on the need; private or resale. These are the place you can purchase a pool good at wholesale in Nairobi Wholesales Clothes Nairobi is a very lively city but not one of Africa’s cheapest to live in. In Nairobi, life is very…

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Dedan Kimathi’s daughter Released after Spending a Night at Rumuruti Police Cell.

Dedan Kimathi’s daughter Released

TweetShare140SharePin1141 SharesVeteran freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi’s daughter, last-born Evelyn Wanjugu Kimathi has been finally released after spending a night at the Rumuruti police station in Laikipia. According to Evelyn, she had been arrested for flouting the COVID- 19 regulations by staying out past curfew hours. “I was arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules as I was found outside 40 minutes past curfew time. I was rushing back home while trying to beat the deadline. The police detained me after we had a little disagreement. I am okay and I don’t want…

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G4S Security Full Name, Country Of Origin, Founder, Current Jobs, Owner And Scandals

G4S Security

TweetShare13SharePin518 SharesIf you ever gave “Group 4 Security” as one of your guesses after being asked what G4S Security stands for in full somewhere in your teen years like me, know that your guess wasn’t that far from the real meaning behind those 3 characters. Long before it became officially registered as G4S the way we know it today, this global security company had morphed throughout its history of existence through mergers and acquisitions until at one point being called Group 4 Securicor that was the basis of its current…

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How Did That Fool Overtake Me? Matatu Tout Vs Bank Employee; How Much Do Bank Tellers Earn.

Matatu Tout Vs Bank Employee

TweetShare1SharePin12 SharesStory by KUZA How did that fool overtake me? That’s the question that lingers in the minds of most people when they turn 55. They know very well that they studied hard, worked hard, and lived a generally organized life. What they really can’t figure out is how that rugged-looking, unschooled Matatu Tout in the street managed to build an economy 100 times better than theirs. How did that D- (Minus) material manage to own acres and acres of real estate? Or how did that mitumba seller manage to…

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Men, No Matter How Much You Love A Woman Don’t Ever Tell Her These 6 Things.

ou Love A Woman

TweetShare1SharePin12 SharesThis image meant for illustration purposes only Let’s say you just met a girl, she is beautiful, has a nice shape, well shape doesn’t matter. You fall in love, the next thing you ask her to date you, and she agreed, or probably you decide to marry her. You would feel so happy, so head over hills in love and you feel like you can tell her anything. Let me stop you there, don’t let love blind your eyes, there are things you should never tell a woman no…

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How to Stop Heartburn and Acid Reflux.

How to Stop Heartburn.

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesAccording to a recent survey, 25% of Kenyans and other Westerners experience the symptoms of heartburn at least once a month. So, it is no wonder that many people want to know how to stop heartburn. Interestingly, only 11% of people living in Asian countries suffer from the symptoms of heartburn on a monthly basis. Obviously, this has to do with the foods that many Americans prefer and the lifestyle they lead. If you want to learn how to stop heartburn or how to avoid the symptoms of heartburn…

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The Ministry Of Health’s Talks On Schools Reopening.

Schools Reopening

TweetShare232SharePin1233 SharesCabinet Secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe has said schools are not prepared for opening. Mr.Kagwe while giving daily updates on corona on Wednesday stated that schools had not observed the measures given by the ministry of health. Kagwe stated that the learners’ health is more crucial than schools reopening. He reiterated that we should not rush to open schools lest we go the German way. After reopening schools in German, the virus has continuously spread and killed thousands. The cabinet secretary for health has killed hopes of many Kenyans…

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How To Join TSC Teacher And Get Number Online In Few Steps

Join TSC Teacher

TweetShare26SharePin228 SharesThis is a brief guide on how to become a TSC teacher in Kenya, get TSC Numbers, and start teaching in public or privates schools. As of June 2019, there were 311,902 TSC registered teachers in Kenya with thousands of pending applications. Becoming a TSC Teacher The Teachers Service Commission is a government body that certifies and regulates teachers in Kenya. You cannot graduate with a teaching course from college or university and automatically become a TSC teacher in Kenya.  As indicated below, there are specific requirements that have to…

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Meet TSC’s Wealthiest Commissioner Whose Networth Can Pay Over 6000 Teachers Earning Kshs25,000

TSC's Wealthiest Commissioner

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesTeachers service Commission is a permanent government agency mandated constitutionally to employ and promote Teachers. It’s constituted of nine Commissioners but currently has eight with the rift valley lacking a representative since Commissioner Cleophas Tirop retired mid this year. More changes are expected before the year ends as the chairperson to the commission Dr Lydia Nzomo is set to retire after serving her non-renewable term of six years. The Secretary to the commission Dr Nancy Macharia had her five-year term renewed mid this year. The latest commissioners to join…

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KEMSA Scandle: Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s Lover in Sh.4b COVID-19 Millionaires.

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika

TweetShare88SharePin694 SharesNakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s husband John Mburu and politician Tony Gachoka’s brother, Willbroad Gatei Gachoka alias William Gatei Muiruri, are behind the controversy surrounding the Kemsa Covid-19 tender worth Sh4 billion. Nairobi mini Bloggers has information that a firm known as Kilig Limited, was being pushed to land the lucrative tender and Kenya Commercial Bank was to fund for the deliveries. Susan Kihika and John Mburu Mburu is a close associate of deputy president William Ruto. He is currently facing criminal charges in court in relation to his clearing…

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