10 Alleged Lies Being Peddled About The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

Building Bridges Initiative

1. That Building Bridges Initiative is all about dynasties

2. That the initiative’s report was drafted even before the team collected public views on the 9 contentious issues. Any report out there is fake. The team is working on the report and will be delivered to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga within the stipulated time before 24th October.

3. That the BBI team is illegally constituted. Claims that BBI process isn’t anchored in any law is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is that the task force enjoys the support and goodwill of the majority.

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)
Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

4. That the BBI team proposes a referendum. BBI will suggest solutions and it’s these solutions that will determine whether there will be a referendum or not.

5. That BBI is a waste of Kenya’s taxpayers money.

6. That the handshake is about Raila’s 2022 presidency

7. BBI has not proposed anything that would lead to ‘ongeza mizigo’ hence politicians already opposing it, read DP Ruto and his Tangatanga brigade – are meant to cast aspersions on the report even before it is written. This tells us they are opposed to it due to selfish political reasons and not merit.

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)
Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

8. BBI was then put in place to implement the Handshake objectives, which are multi-pronged, covering a range of issues from ethnic strife, divisive elections, inclusivity, to corruption, national safety, and shared prosperity. AND NOT to stop DP Ruto from becoming the next president of Kenya

9. That BBI is a baby for Uhuru and Raila and the rest of us have no business to do with it.

10. That BBI will raise more or less the same issues as Agenda 4 of 2008 and Krigler report.

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)
Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

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