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“I Know Who Murdered Former Minister Mutula Kilonzo.” Lawyer Paul Gicheru asserts. (VIDEO)

High Profile Murders

Lawyer Paul Gicheru may have dropped a bombshell to authorities at the ICC. This involves the murder of the former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo.

In 2008, Mutula interviewed some people (names withheld) working for a foreign agent contracted by the ICC.

In the interview, Mutula expressed shock at the brutality leveled upon Kikuyu and Kamba communities in the Rift Valley. He spoke of the horrific murder of women and children from the two communities.

Lawyer Paul Gicheru further blamed a senior Kalenjin politician for these murders. Though he didn’t mention him by name, he gave credible clues of the perpetrator.

"I Know Who Murdered Former Minister Mutula Kilonzo." Lawyer Paul Gicheru asserts. (VIDEO)
Lawyer Paul Gicheru

“The mastermind of the violence meted out by Kalenjin warriors was my client,” Kilonzo said, adding that he represented the ‘mastermind’ in an election petition filed by his arch-nemesis.

The arch-nemesis Mutula was referring to was former MP Rueben Chesire. Chesire in 2002 filed an election petition against William Ruto’s Eldoret North constituency victory.

Ruto – Chesire animosity dates back to the 90s when the former was the Organizing Secretary of the dreaded Moi era YK92. At one time, Chesire was beaten to a pulp at State House by Ruto in front of the late President, Daniel Arap Moi.

According to a credible source within the Dutch authorities, Lawyer Paul Gicheru has information that Mutula Kilonzo, through proxies, filed a private prosecution suit against William Ruto at the ICC.

"I Know Who Murdered Former Minister Mutula Kilonzo." Lawyer Paul Gicheru asserts. (VIDEO)
Lawyer Paul Gicheru

The authorities further stated that the suit was watertight and was the substantial incentive Bensouda didn’t close the case against Ruto. However, a devious Ruto got to Mutula’s witnesses before he even got to Ocampo’s.

Other sources close to Lawyer Paul Gicheru kin have revealed that a NIS operative tipped the lawyer that some people were looking for him. It’s believed that the intelligence operative ad iced him to run as far as he could; and seek witness protection.

"I Know Who Murdered Former Minister Mutula Kilonzo." Lawyer Paul Gicheru asserts. (VIDEO)
Lawyer Paul Gicheru

Lawyer Paul Gicheru and his family slipped out of the country through JKIA on November 1st. When he got to the Netherlands, he informed an official at the airport who he was. Dutch Police thought they were dealing with a nut case until the Hague officials arrived and confirmed what he was saying was true.

Lawyer Paul Gicheru informed them that his life was in danger and he needed to surrender. He was immediately apprehended, recorded a statement ahead of his trial that may have serious political ramifications in Nairobi.

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