Lawyer Hails Branded Donations, Challenges Bloggers to Give than Inciting the poor

Popular Kenyan lawyer residing in Nairobi City has applauded politicians and religious leaders for giving branded donations amid coronavirus’ crisis.

The lawyer says that the better understanding of donation behavior is vital for all nonprofit organizations that depend on public generosity for survival.

Apparently, he claims that some, public donations represent more than 50% of their operating budgets. In order to more clearly explain donation behaviors, he says that the parties should brand their products also to avoid illegal sales.

The lawyer has challenged bloggers bashing the parties through social media posts to also engage in helping the less privileged in the society than inciting them to more suffering. He later condemned the current social media users for turning to noisemakers seeking public attention.

Also the KFCB boss said those criticising branded donations were “mean-spirited creatures” who would not offer any help to the society

This sentiment came barely time after city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha and Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris were trolled by hired cheap bloggers for issuing packages of branded sanitary pads, sanitizers, and foodstuffs to the poor.

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