Lawyer Ahmednasir’s Tweet About DP Ruto, Raila Odinga, And His Political Status Sparks Reactions.

Lawyer Ahmednasir

Uhuru his Lawyer Ahmednasir on Twitter has said that he has plans at the county level, North Eastern regional level, and Nationality but for now his choice for Presidential candidate come 2022 is William Ruto.

He continued by saying that the race is between two horses,Ruto and Raila Odinga according to him the rest are donkeys.

This is what he posted on twitter,

“I have plans at the county level, northeastern regional level and nationally but for now, I WANT TO STATE CATEGORICALLY THAT MY CHOICE FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE COME 2022 IS WILLIAM RUTO. The race is between two horses, Ruto & Raila. The rest are donkeys” @HonAdenDuale, Standard.”- Lawyer Ahmednasir

Fans Reactions to Lawyer Ahmednasir Tweet

Paul:Stendawili .. stendawili …nikikupa #hustler na #BBInonsense utachagua gani ?? Ngoja ngoja nikikupa tega na mtego ya kudissolve Parliament utachukua gani daddy ??

Masinde:But SC I thought Ruto is among the outgoing government. A government that any reasonable Kenyan should try to forget.

Star: But he should very much be on the lookout about his security. Let’s all Pray in our different believes to God so that we may remain united. It’s true He has been favored of God for the seat and he will go through rough times.

Kisemei: That is a myth being perpetuated by ethnic barons whose idea on politics is to appeal to their Kith and kin as if that will put food on their table. Soon, Raila and Ruto will shake hands since there is more that unites than separates them. The horse versus donkey myth will receive few.

John: Still you are hiding behind the curtain of Aden Duale, just come clean and say that statement resonates well with you and is also your official stand.

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