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LADIES MUST READ THIS; “Don’t Text Him Again”.

Dear girl,

You’re the one who’s making all of the effort. Stop texting him first and watch y’all never talk again. Stop making plans with him first and watch y’all never see each other again. Stop telling him you miss him and watch how he’ll never tell you he misses you.

Stop expressing how much you care about him and watch how he unbothered he’ll be. Stop displaying all of this affection for him and watch how he won’t even touch you. Stop showing him how much you need him and watch him be perfectly fine. Stop giving him all of this attention and watch how he won’t even notice.

Stop putting him first and watch how very little you mean to him. Stop going out of your way for him and watch how you’ll realize he doesn’t actually do much for you. Stop sending him all of this love and watch how he’ll never make you feel like you’re loved by him.

It isn’t fair for you to put your whole heart into something that you’re not being appreciated for. It isn’t right for you to try to make it work with someone who’s making you carry the entire relationship on your own.

If you’re effort you’re making isn’t being given back to you, then don’t waste any more of your time. The effort you give to someone should be reciprocated back to you and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than that.

Now it’s time for you to make an effort for yourself, and that’s making an effort to leave.


A guy who cares

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