Isiolo Governor Dr. Mohammed Kuti Busted For ‘Launching’ Fake ICU Beds He Hired From A Private Hospital

Governor Dr. Mohammed Kuti

With an exposed system and devolved functions of the government, county bosses are burning the oil through the night to be seen be working even though they had all the time to improve public healthcare but instead prioritized their own interests to grow even bigger tummies with irrelevant projects.

If you look around now, you’ll notice they’re launching anything and everything and with the full camera crew to capture and paint them as the best thing on earth after buttered toast.

Sone is honestly working and done are cheekily masquerading. Kericho Governor Prof. Chepkwony was recently busted by one other than the US for relaunching a KEMRI testing plant that was initiated and funded by the US way back in January. He cleverly wanted it to pass as his own project and obviously for political scoring.

Launching of projects related to coronavirus has now turned into a penis length contest amongst many governors who strive to outdo each other and thanks to Mombasa CEO Joho who has cut a clear shot above them all. Sonko is also doing his thing with his camera crew.

So Dr. Kuti jumped on the train to ‘launch’ a six-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a High Dependency Unit (HDU) with seven beds at the Isiolo County Teaching and Referral Hospital. This later turned out to be a bluff and just a pomp show.

Governor Dr. Mohammed Kuti

According to photos that we’ve obtained from concerned citizens, the governor apparently hired the facilities from Galaxy Hospital, a private entity owned by a local politician. It appears now that it was all for a show which went incredibly well, took photos, splashed them everywhere, and later after the ‘launch’ returned them to the Galaxy Hospital.

Returning Hired Beds Aftershow off.

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