How Kuria’s Have Chocked Development In Gatundu South Ng-Cdf, From Brothers To Sister, To Sisters-In-Law And To Nieces.


The Moses Kuria Family Frenzy Of Looting Gatundu South Ng-Cdf; The Kuria’s Have Chocked Development In The Area From Brothers To Sister, To Sisters-In-Law And To Nieces.

The Kuria family tree made a resolution to savagely ransack the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) of Gatundu South constituency.

In this scheme, the only qualification was that one should be a member of the Moses Kuria family circle in order to be a partaker of the loot that they had set up like a buffet in a large pompous dining room where they picked what they wanted and however they wanted it.

This is what has prompted public anger against Moses Kuria and a filing of a petition that has declared him unfit to hold such an office. Being that the Gatundu South Member of Parliament had already made himself a key signatory in approving the tenders awarded, Moses Kuria had just hit a jackpot with the millions and millions of shillings provided by the fund for the development of the constituency.

Kuria, without fail, had also made his brother Aloise Kuria Kinyanjui a key signatory in approval of tenders; and the fact that he was and still is a policeman posted in Kiambu, his role has been very strategic for the Kuria family.

With the soil well cultivated by the two brothers, the family worked hard to ensure that they establish a mouthful of companies that would work alongside those already registered. This was to ensure that there is maximum utilization of resources by the family through the tender awards.

Basically, the family had numerous companies where almost all family members and relatives are directors for the different companies, and all companies applying for tenders thereby being their ‘own sense of competition’. Money then started rolling out when the key schemers started to award themselves tenders.

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Sh32,531,540 was awarded to Finishline Construction company where police officer Aloise Kinyanjui is the director. Moses Kuria and Aloise Kinyanjui then awarded their two other brothers Sh5,808,468 a tender for Mutungu Secondary school through Supreme General Traders Limited.

The brother’s John Nome Kuria and James Koigwho were the directors of the said company. Moses Kuria had also embraced other family members with all having one unity of purpose: and that is to scheme through the CDF and ensure that they pocket as much as they can.

His sister Jane Wambui Kuria was also awarded a contract worth Sh9,814,240 for two schools under Kiki Holdings Limited where a Duncan Mwangi Ngugi, is a police officer.


The said man is a friend and colleague to Aloise Kuria. Moses Kuria’s other brother, John Ngige Kuria, pocketed Sh31,525,120 after being awarded a tender for two schools through Numerical Strength Limited.

Notwithstanding, another brother, Charles Regeru Nguru was awarded Sh 10,267,955, for two schools, where the family members including Jane Muthoni Regeru, Lucy Wambui Regeru, and Teresia Mwihaki Regeru are directors of the company.

Nephew Stanley Kuria Ngugi had also not been left out as his deal fattened his pockets by Sh14, 792,825 for three schools through Kustern Builders Limited.

The MP has carried out this elaborate scheme for a while now which has led to a loss of close to Sh170 million. All gone to enrich the family as development projects are strained with others chocked to death from the loot.

As he goes out each morning to heckle on Tanga Tanga frenzies, the Gatundu South MP quietly goes back to his constituents, to quietly continue with his theft together with his family.

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This is unacceptable as Kuria is defrauding Gatundu South CDF. With close to Sh170 million already lost, the constituents of Gatundu South have already been denied what rightfully belongs to them through nepotism, conflict of interest and abuse of office.

This must and shall be stopped. Moses Kuria should start packing his boxes as a legislature before the axe falls on him.

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