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Kredoh App; Gift Your Loved Ones With Airtime Anytime And Anywhere

Kredoh App; Purchase And Gift Your Loved Ones With Airtime Anytime And Anywhere

Here is Kredoh App; a mobile application that allows you to purchase airtime anytime anywhere, as long as one is a Mpesa user and owns a smartphone.

Technology is evolving at a fast rate; this fact cannot be refuted. Everything is moving online; including shops, schools, and even government services.

What is the Kredoh App?

The term Kredoh comes from a locally famous language, Sheng’ which means airtime. It is a mobile application that has been designed to purchase airtime at a  2% discount.

Historically, one could head over to a shop and pay cash in order to purchase airtime. Remember, at that moment one has to physically insert the codes after scratching the airtime card, a process that takes most of the time that could be productive.

How does the discount in Kredoh App work?

Literally, when one pays KES. 50 the client definitely receives 50 bob airtime. But then with the added discount, Kredoh allows one to purchase the 50 bob airtime via Mpesa at only KES.49.

There is a 2% discount on purchases of KES. 50 and above. Let’s do the maths;  when one purchases airtime worth 1000 bob with the 2% discount, the client only pays KES.980.

These savings over time become significant, as airtime has become the fourth basic need.

How do you download Kredoh App? watch

It is quite simple, with a 5.2 MB of storage in your device, head over to your play store and types the name Kredoh on the search bar.

It will automatically redirect you to click install, after installing, then you will open the app to start experiencing this lovely application in purchasing airtime for all networks;  Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom, airtime anytime anywhere.

Kredoh App; Purchase And Gift Your Loved Ones With Airtime Anytime And Anywhere
Kredoh App Airtime Anytime And Anywhere

How does Kredoh work? watch

My experience with this Application is vast. I personally have used this application for over a year now. It is simple and easy to use. Below are the steps to maneuver over the app.

#Step 1: The Sim card being used to purchase airtime/tokens should be a registered Mpesa line.

Then #Step 2: Inside the app, choose whether you want to purchase airtime/tokens for your phone or another phone.

#Step 3: You will then enter any amount.

And #Step 4: The App will prompt a one-time verification to confirm your number, then a Mpesa menu prompting you to insert your pin will display.

#Step 5: Upon successful completion of the steps above, the airtime/tokens will be disbursed.

Why Kredoh App?

  • It is fast and easy
  • Saves you money
  • No transaction fee is required for airtime purchases
  • Fuliza is acceptable when purchasing
  • Serves different networks at a go (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Faiba and Equitel)
  • It automatically reverses your money back to your Mpesa wallet in case of any failure
  • Tracks your savings and shows you how much you have saved so far


In present times, people are interacting via mobile applications more often without any doubt.

Many researchers have proven that one tends to spend more money on airtime purchases than food. Come one, come all and enjoy Kredoh at a 2% discount.

Let us help you save your extra money today and purchase airtime anytime anywhere. Click here.

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