Bridegroom In Kisii Collapses As Bride Announced Four Kids She Kept In Secret.

Bridegroom In Kisii

A week can’t go to Kisii without funny entertainments and or shocking news. Here is one of the most shocking stories developed in Borabu, Kisii County.

Yesterday was another sad day for the residents, guests, and family in Nyasiongo ward, Borabu Sub County wedding ceremony as the bridegroom reportedly collapsed before the whole wedding crowd.

The handsome man identified as Mr.Wilberforce Omwenga has had a relationship with the bride for sometime when they decided to legalize their marriage.

Reports indicate that all was well planned, wedding preparations done as delicious food, colorful wedding clothes, and the wedding ceremony was arranged very brilliantly in adherence to the Covid-19 directives. This was true could tell how wonderful was the wedding going to be. 

They say, “when the deal is so good, think twice.’ It reaches that last time after all programs since mid-morning was done. This is the moment of truth only to exchange vows of love, protection, and faithfulness between the bride and the bridegroom.

Shockingly, as the time for the bride to vow before the church pastors, the family, and the invited guests, she could not vow lies as she wanted to reveal all that was in her heart as that was a binding covenant.

The beautiful bride announced that she had four children outside and that her lover did not know the secret.

No sooner had the bride competed for her announcement than her groom instantly collapsed and totally lost consciousness. The announcement shocked the crowd as nobody could know what to do. Pastors and relatives left everything to rescue the young man’s life with first aid.

Not once had weddings been interrupted. Many wedding ceremonies have been cut short by various voices which tend to tamper and reduce all colorful preparations to zero.

The News Break in January 2019 reported another occasion of the same when a voice from the back caused the interruption. Amid the wedding event of Neil and Trica when the voice loud at the venue which made the bride shed years profusely.

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