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King Kaka Tells OFF ‘COVID-19 Survivor’, Brenda After Several TV Interviews.


On Wednesday President Uhuru Kenyatta had a live video chat with two COVID-19 survivors, Ivy Brenda and Brian Orinda. This was aimed at showing Kenyans that the disease can be contained despite it infecting 81 people so far.

President Uhuru stated that the patriotism and bravely the two exhibited played a great role in ensuring the disease was noted and measures taken to contain it.


Brenda who previously had been referred to as patient one as far as coronavirus is concerned, became the topic of the day after her story went viral.

The 26 year old Miss Tourism Kenya, Hospitality category, 2018 has since then appear in most TV screens in the country with Kenyans stating that she is nothing compared to the cases already stated which deserve more attention.

Covid-19 survivor says she learnt about her status on TV - Daily ... brenda
Covid-19 survivor says she learnt about her status on TV – Daily … brenda

Kennedy Ombima popularly known as King Kaka expressed his dissatisfaction through his twitter account on how Brenda was elated to share her story in most TV stations in the country.


“Brenda , you think this is some TV show?” he posted.

King Kaka went ahead to question the government whether it really cared about its citizens.

“Our government do you really care about your citizens?” he concluded his tweet.

His followers followed suit in dismissing the ‘heroine’ who President Uhuru said helped to get hold of Brian Orinda;


@BotCheptoo: The media is owned and Trump calls them out as it is.

@DjembaMan: NTV Brenda alikua na 26 kufika Citizen ako na 27 kidogo kidogo Citizen wanasema ako na 23. BRENDA RUDI KWA MATIBABU.

@MercyNjineh: For some reasons, her story is not adding up!

@KE_Fridah: Seems she has been payed some good cash

@Gichwizo: She doesn’t know the power of the tongue, but soon we will get to find out.

@Charloblessing1: Kenya ni kenya

Brenda and Brian adds up the number of those patients recorded to have recovered COVID-19 to three. Mutahi Kagwe, on his Wednesday press statement, urged Kenyans to be ready for more strict measures in curbing the virus as the cases of infection increases by 22.

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