“We Shall Not Entertaining Another Dictator, We Shall Resist,” Kimani Ichungwa Solemn Promise

Kimani Ichungwa

Kikuyu Member Of Parliament Kimani Ichungwa has vowed to lead any attempt to reintroduce Dictatorship in the country. Through his Twitter handle, the Vocal Kikuyu Member of Parliament has said there’s no way he entertaining Nyayo Dictatorship as a student and at a time when he’s a grown-up and a father.

The fierce Criticizer of the BBI report and a close ally of the Deputy President William Ruto has been at odds with President Uhuru Kenyatta Government ever since Raila Odinga came in tithe picture.

The Tangatanga allied members have been asking Kenyans to reject the BBI and resist the reintroduction of the imperial Presidency, an era the country fought hard to resist.

Kimani Ichungwa and other Tangatanga allied members have boxes they are ready to lead a no Campaign against the BBI report if the contentious issues will not be solved.

The group has also maintained that the country does not need a BBI report at these tomorrow country is facing financial constraints.

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