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What is Kilimall Lipa Mos Mos?(Lipa polepole)

Kilimall Lipa Mos Mos

What is LiPa mos mos? ( Formerly known as lipa polepole)

Lipa polepole is a Kilimall payment service that allows you to pay for the same product at intervals, for example, half in the morning, half in the afternoon, or have someone else pay the order for you.

You can also pay using different phone numbers for the same order.

When buying a product you want from Kilimall, this is how you pay; as you check out at the payment page, click on more options and then CLICK LiPa polepole then pay the amount you have in your mobile and clear the remaining amount with a different mobile number or tell someone to pay for you or pay by the end of the day.   

For use mos mos, kindly choose Lipa Mos mos at the checkout page.  

N.B Kindly don’t pay with large interval as we only keep stock locked for you for 24 hours. The maxiumum duration for the payment is 180 days

Kilimall Lipa Mos Mos

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