After Tecra Boyfriend Omar Lali Gave This Emotional Confession, Keroche Family Want to be Set Free.

Omar Lali

Tecra Muigai’s family have asked that her detained boyfriend, Omar Lali be set free after he proved innocent in her death.

Omar has been the first suspect in Tecra’s death having spent the last night with her when she fell off the stairs.

He was taken to police custody in Lamu on 2nd April, when Tecra breathed her last.

Tecra Boyfriend Omar Lali

On April 4th 2020, the father of 5 was arraigned in court where officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations asked he be detained for an additional 21 days.

As reported by Omar divulged a lot of details before the court regarding Tecra – a woman he loved, adored and wished to spend many more days, months and years with if that was to be God’s will.

Omar revealed that security officers had been in interaction with his family members.

They told my brother to tell me to confess to punching her…and that once I accept this as a formality, they will help me get out of jail.

But the aging man questioned:

Mimi nimpige kwa kazi gani, nimuue kwa kazi gani? Watu hawawezi kukubali ajali za Mwenyezi Mungu? (Why would I kill her? Why won’t people accept God’s will?)

Tecra Boyfriend Omar Lali

Further blasting trolls digging into his age difference with the late Tecra, that did not bother him a bit.

Mwenyezi Mungu anaijua roho yangu. Anajua tulivyoishi. Mengine yote ni urongo mtupu. (God knows my soul and how we lived. Everything else are but pure lies)

Like I said, love knows no age nor boundaries and for Omar, Tecra was if anything, heaven-sent.

This girl…this girl was special. I know I will never find anyone like her again. I am suffering without her.

Following the extensive information he presented before the court, Tecra’s family asked that the state lets him free since there are no charges to be leveled against him.

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According to the family, Tecra’s death was but a sheer accident.

Omar …. More…….

Speaking of the plans Tecra had in store for them, Omar disclosed:

She had wanted us to settle down and I helped her look for a house in Naivasha.

But unfortunately:

Lakini Mwenyezi Mungu amemchukua… ni haki yake siwezi kumlaumu Maulana. (But she is gone…it’s his will so I can’t blame God)

Omar is born to a family of fishermen that saw him take up the trade for years until he met a dear Tecra Muigai.

He resides in Lamu’s Shela village where the two spent a couple of months together and where Tecra loved to visit every time she was around.

Being a tour boat operator, Omar has been able to fend for himself as well as from his business of sea food.

He is popular among the tourist circle because of his grasp of the history of the islands.

Question is: Will the state listen to and let a 51-year old Omar free?

Tecra Boyfriend Omar Lali

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