Is Raila Odinga True Agent of Death? Donating ‘Poison’ to the People of Kibera.


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COVID-19 pandemic has caused people in Kenya to lose their livelihoods thus the lack of basic needs such as food, rent among others.

Kenyans have been asking leaders for help in terms of providing them with food and other essential items during this period of a pandemic.

Chaos broke in Kibera over the struggle of food that was donated by Raila Odinga exposing residents to the danger of contracting COVID-19.

Kenyans blamed Raila and the organizers for endangering the lives of the citizens of Kibera after the scuffle over food.

Kibera residence

This are some of the outrageous reactions from Kenyans over the Kibera food chaos:

Chitab Koret: This is bad to Raila and his organizers. One metre rule was flaunted. If by any means someone was COVID-19 positive there then expect a lot of bad news from Kibra.

Voice of Reason: How much does Raila care about Kibera? The people are suffering but he chose to bring them outside exposing them to COVID-19 and trust me they didn’t get what they expected?

Kibera resident queue

Miss Mishy: Where did the poor go wrong, Raila is endangering there lives in the name of distributing food so bad.

Syombua A Kibue: In a twist of events @Raila Odinga has risked the lives of Kibera residence. The people handling distribution of food had no gloves some no masks and social distancing was not adhered to. Would have been hard to distribute house to house

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Irungu Benard: Why didn’t Raila Odinga and the team channel their donations to the emergency response kitty? I believe things would be well managed here. The food distribution is not just about generosity but gaining mileage. Is Kibra different from Keses where there was good organization in distribution of food?

Miguna Miguna Respond to Raila Odinga Kibera Charity “charitable” food distribution

This was not a “charitable” food distribution. This was criminal battery and assault by one Conman Raila Odinga. Where are the face masks that despot Uhuru Kenyatta claims must be worn in public? What happened to the 2-meter social distancing?

Conman Raila Odinga should be arrested, charged and prosecuted for degrading and unleashing goons to brutalize Kenyans under the pretext of distributing expired Kibra CDF food. The melee he caused must have spread #COVIDー19 far and wide.

Mechanisms of control: Impoverish and brutalize the people. Weaken them with diseases, whips, batons, and hunger. Dehumanize them. Turn them, slaves, begging for handouts from the trillions of shillings you have stolen from them through their taxes, public land, and natural resources.

Then he added, #uhurumustgo #DespotsMustFall #ArrestRailaOdinga #uhurumustgo

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