Kenyan Referees Among The Cream Of The World As FKF Activates Further Growth

Kenyan Referees Among The Cream Of The World As FKF Activates Further Growth 1

Kenya is likely to send a referee to officiate in the next edition of the World Cup, an official has said.

FKF Nyanza NEC member and Referees Committee chairman Joseph Andere says that the country has realized tremendous growth in the quality of officiating over the last four years resulting from viable policies.

The current Federation, he says, put adequate measures in place to fuel the growth after rolling out several programs to develop, manage and handle referees officiating in the Kenyan football leagues, including taking them through professional courses as well as Physical Endurance Tests.

“We thank the Federation for their support towards the referees officiating leagues in the country and the recognition from FIFA, which has seen top referees like Dr Kamaku officiating international games such as the Africa Cup of Nations,” said Joseph Andere.

In stark contrast to the previous regime which he says demanded a Sh3000 participation fee from those seeking referee education and enhancement, the current administration waived off the charges which saw an increased number of referees taking part in the vital tests.

“It is my hope that in the next four years we will increase the panel of CAF and FIFA referees in the country,” said Andere.

FKF National Super League referee Rio Hamisi Isaac, echoed Andere’s sentiments when he said that the fee imposed merely served to impede further growth.

“Previously, to attend Physical Endurance Tests one had to have some connections and willing to part with a kshs 3000 fee. This proved to be a major barrier for most referees but the current regime stepped in and waived all charges on PETs, allowing more referees to partake in the tests,” said Hamisi.

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