Kenyan Defence Force Duties, Ranks, and Salaries.

Kenyan Defence Force Duties, Ranks, and Salaries.

Kenyan Defence Force ranks and salaries and structure will be explained in this article. The Kenyan Defence Force ranks is the structure put in place by the Kenyan Armed Forces to differentiate the various levels of the military Force.

While the salaries for personnel of all the branches differs according to the rank, level of education, and years of service.

Kenyan Defence Force ranks structure

Owing to its membership of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Kenyan Defense Force has a similar rank structure that of the United Kingdom – especially the British Army.

In 1968, in order to restructure and centralize administrative functions, the rank structure of the Army, Air Force, and Navy in Kenyan Defense Force was unified, the standard army designation and insignia was adopted with minor changes.

Maj Gen Ndolo as Kenya’s first native Chief of Defence Forces, in 1978 the highest officer rank was a major general, held only by the army commander. Few months after August 1982, the Kenya Air Force modified it’s badges of ranks to look like those of the Army.

Duties of the Kenya Defence Forces

The duties of the Kenyan Defense Force are:

  1. Defend the nation, it’s citizens, and resources from foreign and domestic aggression.
  2. Support the police force in providing internal security.
  3. Contribute to international peacekeeping operations.
  4. Support the civil authorities during emergencies.

Kenyan Defence Force salaries structure

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission of Kenya review salaries of officers which are evaluated every four years jointly.

The Kenyan Defence Force salaries of officers are every four years by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission of Kenya. Thus, the salaries listed here are from the 2017 payroll structure.

The four years payroll review structure means that KDF troops receive an increase in wages depending on the economic situation in the country. The last salary review was conducted in 2015, which means that the next increase will be in 2020.

Allowances are paid depending on your rank or the deployment involved, such as peacekeeping. That is, every KDF soldier receive from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 10,000 per day when outside the country.

Also, KDF soldiers are given a discount on all commodities so they buy goods at half price. For example, normally sugar costs Ksh 120 in the regular stores. In the barracks you will be able to buy the same amount of sugar for Ksh 70 or even less.

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