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Kenyan Billionaire Behind Bonfire Adventures Tour Company

Bonfire Adventures Tour Company

The name of this brilliant billionaire in Kenya behind Bonfire Adventures Tour Company is Simon Kabu. He is a 46-year-old man born from a humble ground who rose from humble beginnings to where he is now.

Currently, he is the founder and CEO of one of the best tour companies in Kenya dubbed, Bonfire Adventures with great support from his wife, Sarah Kabu, who has made a great contribution to their venture.

The perfect duo is blessed with three children. His passion for the business was revealed in him when he was selling at his auntie’s kiosk.

He went to Egerton University to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics but due to lack of fees, he opted to be a Makanga in matatus operating on the Githurai 44 route. But at some point, he went back and studied at the University of Nairobi.

Simon came up with the idea of starting his own tour company when he was working at Unga Group Limited in 2008 after holding a successful event in Maasai Mara.

They started the company with only 10,000 shillings. Currently, the company records a turnover of more than a billion Kenyan shillings with over 200 employees.

The main aim of the business was to help adventurous enjoy the unique gems in different parts of Africa.

It deals with tours and travel, hotel bookings, car hire, air ticketing, weddings, retreats, and all enjoying events you would wish for Actually, it’s a brilliant idea that is worth it Kabu is rich now since he owns a palatial house, cars among other many things.

His net worth is 500 million shillings. Simon Kabu is an inspiration to many as he was determined enough to graduate from a zero to a hero. Now he is one of the famous billionaires in Kenya. Congratulations to him.

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