How Kenya Treasury Spend Sh 40billion to Fight COVID- 19 – Yatani Explains.


The Treasury has spent Sh40 billion in its response to the coronavirus outbreak since the first patient was reported on March 12.

This means that over the past 40 days, the government has been spending on average of Sh1 billion per day.

Of these, Sh33.4 bn has gone to operations and Sh6.9 bn on development and other capital investments to support COVID-19 fight.

The Treasury has disbursed Sh3.9 billion towards the related health response to contain the virus’ spread.

Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani told MPs that the Sh1 bn for hiring health workers has also been provided.

Treasury has also disbursed Sh200 million to the Interior Ministry to tighten security operations to enforce curfew and containment directives.

Another Sh200 million has been provided for the Prisons department to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus in jails.

Residents of arid and semi-arid areas received Sh400 million in relief food and non-food commodities for insecure communities.

Treasury also says it has provided Sh10 bn in tax refund and another Sh10 billion for the cash transfers for the elderly and vulnerable persons.

The National Intelligence Service has also been given an Sh1.5 bn boost for their operations, to help in contact and case tracing.

Yatani further reveals that the Sh13 billion for SMEs support and payment of pending bills has been disbursed.

But the pandemic has presented expenses which were unforeseen during the budget-making process, eating up additional Sh385 billion.

These include requests for recurrent amounts of Sh152.9 bn and Sh233 bn for development, including Sh30 bn for donor-funded projects.

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Of these additional requests, Yatani said they have recommended additional Sh62 bn for recurrent expenditure and Sh92 bn for development.

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