How Kenya School Of Law Staff Headed Up In Trouble Over Ksh. 198M Fraud.

Kenya School Of Law

Directorate of Criminal investigations Noordin Haji has approved the arrest of a dozen employees of Kenya School of Law… According to reports on 23rd of June, the DPP approved charges against the employees over 198 shillings scam.

“The companies alleged to have received the proceeds include; Infranc Investments, Deskench Investments, Firmline Company, Frigoya Investments, Nagoya Cosmetics, and Ademwa EnterprisesThe DPP on Tuesday noted that the approval for the prosecution of the 12 was informed by the conclusion of investigations by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)“, Citizen.

The probe that was done by the commission established that those who have been accused benefited from funds for goods and services that were never delivered.

Upon receiving that the results of that probe, DPP quickly approved their arrest and prosecution.“Upon completion of the investigations, the EACC on May 17, 2029, forwarded the investigation file and the report with recommendations that the suspects, some of whom are senior employees of the Kenya School of Law, be charged with various offenses,” the DPP said.

Kenya School Of Law

DPP also noted that the listed companies were not pre-qualified to deliver the goods and services to Kenya School of Law. “He explained that the multi-million fraud was executed by bank signatories to the Kenya School of Law accounts who were senior employees of the institution’s Finance Department and who would sign for different entities to be paid in the cheque endorsement register and then effect the payments,” Citizen

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