Reason Kenya is Leading East Africa in Positive COVID- 19 Cases After Hitting 191 Cases.

Kenya, Nairobi mini Bloggers

Kenya was the first country from Eastern Africa to report positive COVID-19 case and it has since maintained the lead.

Kenyans have been taking the whole issue on different social media platforms to raise their pressing concerns why the country is leading on a pandemic.

On Saturday, 11 April, Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Mercy Mwangangi during the daily press briefing on COVID-19, announced that cases of the virus in Kenya had risen to 191 after two more tested positive for the same.

“491 samples have been tested out of which two have tested positive. One in Mombasa and the other one in Nairobi,” the Dr. Mwangagi sated.

It was then revealed that Kenya is recording more cases than her neighbouring countries like Tanzania, Uganda, among others, not because we are more vulnerable to the virus than them, but because Kenya has tested more samples as compared to them.

It was also revealed that the positive cases are set to rise up when the Ministry of Health starts its planned mass testing across the country.

Kenya, Nairobi mini Bloggers
Medic checking clients’ body temperature in Tanzania [Source/Courtesy]

Kenya has also recorded more recovery cases as compared to other countries in the region.

This Saturday two more recoveries were reported, taking the tally of recovered cases to 19. On Friday Kenya recorded its biggest number of recoveries after 7 people were discharged from hospital.

Until Friday, Uganda had reported zero recoveries from its 54 cases that had tested positive.

Tanzania had until Friday, 10 April, recorded three deaths and five recoveries out of its 32 cases that had been reported.

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