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Meet comedian Crazy Kennar’s Girlfriend

Meet comedian Crazy Kennar's Girlfriend

Crazy Kennar’s Girlfriend; A few days ago, comedians Crazy Kennar and Cartoon left many people questioning whether they are dating.

This is after they stepped out with matching outfits and after they were asked whether they were an item, their evasive answers even left their fans more confused. 

When asked whether the outfits signify they are dating, Crazy Kennar was quick to call it ‘Mapenzi ya dhati’ which means ‘sincere love.’

However, Kenya’s social media detectives have managed to uncover Kennar’s alleged real lover and her name is Natalie.

Upon perusing her page, Natalie Asewe has been posting her man and the shocking but amazing fun fact is that the two have been together for a whooping, 13 years!

Kennar is dating Natalie Asewe

Crazy Kennar’s Girlfriend Natalie Asewe, is a financial analyst and entrepreneur.

She is also the manager of Kennar’s new restaurant, Instant Delicacies.

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