KeNHA Deploys New Technology To Detect Overloaded Trucks

According to Webuye Weighbridge Cluster Manager Antony Awendo, the modern system by KeNHA has come up with a High-Speed Weighing Motion(HSWM) that clearly gives an indication of what the vehicle is carrying.

“If the vehicle is heavy, definitely it will be filtered in for confirmation and if it’s light it will be cleared by a green signal,” he said.

Awendo added that the auxiliary lane is made for all vehicles above 3,500Kgs which are supposed to step on the HSWM so that in case they are heavy they will be directed for confirmation in the weighbridge.

“If the vehicles are not overloaded and they are light, with a green signal, they will proceed. Any vehicle that will not go in through the HSWM and try to evade the main Highway, there are powerful cameras that will capture the number plates and the image and those vehicles will be automatically tagged with a signal in our system that will give us a situation where now we charge the vehicles for that offense.”


High Speed Weighing in Motion (HSWIM) system has an overview camera-weight-violating vehicle documentation,  automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, and staggered half-width sensors, with 3 rows of weighing sensors set up.

The Virtual Weighbridge System (VWS) runs on a High-Speed Weighing in Motion (HSWIM) backbone which captures data from the sensors and cameras, classifies the vehicle, and thereafter transmits the database for analyses to the Control Center.

The Control Center is housed at the Athi River Weighbridge and has processing units that analyze store, and allow access to the data through a web-based graphical user interface to the system operators, enforcement unit, and the KeNHA officers in charge.

The system having distributed capability allows transmission of live data allowing the people in charge to use the data for enforcement purposes.

KeNHA has, on various occasions, argued that overloading by trucks often damaged roads at a faster rate.

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