“I Had Friends, A Lady, She Changed Her Phone Number and Disappeared Into Thin Air” Ken Mijungu Opens Life After Lossing Job.

Former NTV Anchor Ken Mijungu
Former NTV Anchor Ken Mijungu

Former NTV News Anchor Ken Mijungu has opened up on life after losing his job back on Friday, July 3, and offered a word of advice to those who have been rendered jobless by the pandemic.

The lawyer-turned-journalist is yet to get back on the screens since leaving NTV. He however says he has been keeping busy with his law firm and car hire business.

Speaking to one of the media, Ken Mijungu noted that he has since received overwhelming support from friends who have encouraged him. Former NTV News anchor Ken Mijungu poses for a photo. Twitter

“Friends have been really great, people check up on you all the time, we meet up for coffee. On the flip side, sometimes God protects you from things you do not see with the whole Covid-19 thing.

Former NTV Anchor Ken Mijungu

“You never know why God does some things but with my foundations, I know this was planned. I’m just 37, I know God knows my path,”

– Ken Mijungu

Ken Mijungu revealed that his car hire business and law firm dubbed Ken Mijungu Legal Law Consultancy were doing well and keeping him engaged during the pandemic.

The anchor was part of the reorganisation at Nation Media Group that fired a number of journalists including Debarl Inea and Harith Salim.

The former Side Bar host encouraged people to take their downfalls positively highlighting some of his friends who have cut of communication after losing their jobs.

Former NTV Anchor Ken Mijungu

“I have two friends, a lady, and a gentleman, the lady was not working at NTV, she changed her phone number, she disappeared into thin air and cut off her friends.

“Then I also have a gentleman friend who went completely out of the radar and is not speaking to anyone, it’s kind of like you are blaming the world for what happened to you yet the world does not owe you anything,” he explained.

Ken Mijungu, however, acknowledged that the Covid-19 pandemic had made things tough, especially since he has a number of people depending on him. 

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