How Speaker Ken Lusaka Conned ‘Tano Tena’ Singer 2 Million That President Uhuru Rewarded Him.

Ken Lusaka

The singer was among those that released political songs that praised President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto’s leadership and urged voters through their songs, to vote in the duo again.

“UhuRuto tano tena”, they said in their songs, which translates to “vote for President Uhuru and his deputy and give them 5 more years”.

Three years down the line, one singer is still complaining that he was not paid for the song, even after President Uhuru allegedly awarded him with Ksh2 million.

Sammy Mang’ara alias Baba Bright released a Luhya song dubbed ‘Tano Tano’ in 2017 that was used by Jubilee politicians, particularly in the Western region.

Ken Lusaka
Speaker Ken Lusaka Conned ‘Tano Tena’ Singer 2 Million That President Uhuru Rewarded Him.

The song allegedly allowed him to perform for the President. He alleges that President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to host him at the State House.

Since then, he noted that Ken Lusaka has never helped him to meet the President at the State House as it was supposed to be.

More so, the singer went further and alleged that two lawmakers hinted to him that Senate Speaker was given a whopping Sh2 million by the President to hand it over to the singer, an amount he is yet to see a penny of it.

Ken Lusaka
Ken Lusaka

He said he called Ken Lusaka and inquired about the same but the speaker denied such allegations, adding that Lusaka is now not picking his calls.

“He denied having received the money, but the lawmakers who told me are people I trust, who cannot cook up such stories. Since then Lusaka is not picking my calls, he is just disconnecting my calls,” said the man

He is now seeking help to meet the President, and more importantly, get help to sustain his family.

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