Do You Want to Work For KDF? See how Much You will Be Taking Home Every Month.

Do You Want to Work For KDF

The Kenya defense force( KDF) composes of Kenya Navy, Kenya Air force, and the military. All three branches have specific roles assigned to them in protecting the nation against external attacks.

The navy protects the water territories, the military protects the land while the air force is in charge of the Kenyan air force.

A military job is one of the most paying jobs in Kenya but it’s also demanding. It’s the wish of many young Kenyans to join the army. It’s a job that needs so much sacrifice and dedication. Apart from salary, the KDF enjoys many other benefits include tax-free food.

Do You Want to Work For KDF
FILE – In this Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 file photo, Kenyan army soldiers ride on a vehicle at their base in Tabda, inside Somalia. Heavily armed fighters from the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab attacked a base for African Union peacekeepers in southwestern Somalia on Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, blasting their way into the compound and exchanging fire with peacekeepers, a Somali military official said. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File)

KDF salaries depend on your rank, years served and level of education. If you want to join the army then it is important to know what you will be taking home. What you earn is important nowadays because life is becoming hard every single day.

Do You Want to Work For KDF

Below are KDF Monthly Salaries Scales,

– KDF cadets earn around 7, 172 while still in training.

– A privates is the lowest rank and they earn 19,941 to 30,000.

– Lance corporals earn around 26, 509 to 50,000 monthly.

– A corporal takes home around 32,250 to 70,000 monthly.

– A captain earns 73,182 – 110,000 monthly.

– The majors take home within Kenyan Shillings, 102,106- 150,000 monthly.

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– The lieutenant colonel takes home 130, 735- 180,000.

– The salary of colonels ranges from 153,317 to 300,000 monthly.

– Lieutenant General earns 632, 984 – 800,000.

– The chief of defence earns the most ranging from 894, 897 to one million Kenyan Shillings.

Do You Want to Work For KDF
Do You Want to Work For KDF

What do you think about KDF salaries? Are they worth it or are they still low? Drop your comments and follow this page.

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