Kenya’s Airforce Acquires 3 More Deadly Weapon, Enemies are Scared.

MD-530F Cayuse Deadly warrior

More Deadly Weapon; KDF was once known as a career army. That was Museveni’s description at some point because Kenya’s defense forces spent most of their time doing military exercises and just moving around with nice looking land rovers, apart from contributing troops to UN peacekeeping missions.

The experience and lessons learned in Somalia were an eye opener. When over 200 soldiers died in Somalia, Kenya suffered the greatest casualty in the famous el adde attack where the Al-Shabaab ran over the camp.

Kenyan soldiers in the action

But in vain, the blood of these gallant soldiers did not spill out. Since then, Kenya has benefited from that, and what I can authoritatively say is that we have a better trained, more seasoned military and soldiers.

The 50 Air Calvary is fitted with extremely deadly aerial power that can initiate attacks in a matter of minutes anywhere in Somalia. We have embarked on a more deadly Special Operations Regiment (SOR) that has succeeded in beating the Alshabaab back and thus preventing a large infantry since we first entered Somalia.

Since then, with the support of the US, Kenya has trained an elite rescue and evacuation force that combines land forces and air power.

This was required by the downing in Somalia of a Kenyan warplane where the pilot was able to safely eject but was later captured by Alshabaab, after it took too long to find and rescue him after search and rescue.

And this was mainly due to weak teamwork and a shortage of personnel.

Some of the deadly properties that KDF was able to acquire include, and are not restricted to:

1.      The Mil Mil-28 attack helicopters.

It has been in the army since 2006 and is equipped with eight ataka ant armor missiles along with unguided rocket pods. This is a Russian made attack helicopter. A 30mm cannon is also mounted with the gunship.

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The cabin is heavily armored and can hold two pilots and also has an emergency door and a compartment that can accommodate four passengers to allow rescue missions to be carried out.

This is one of the most powerful armored helicopters in the world. It’s basically a tank that floats. It is ranked among the best attack helicopters in the world in fourth place.

Deadly Weapon
More Deadly Weapon; The Mil Mil-28

2. Air tractor AT-802L.

The AT-802 is a light attack aircraft deadly weapons including guns and bombs can be fixed under the aircraft’s wings and still can move faster than most helicopters that are used for war.

This aircraft was first manufactured in US in 1990. It will strike a devastating blow to alshabaab whenever it called for duty. It’s speed and armor will be the game changer.

Deadly Weapon
More Deadly Weapon; Air tractor AT-802L

3. MD-530F Cayuse warrior attack helicopters.

An armed version of the OH-6 Cayuse light observation helicopter designed by MD Helicopters is the MD 530F Cayuse warrior. It is designed to improve the air forces’ scout attack, armed escort, and close air assault capabilities. In operational, reconnaissance, and transport exercises, it can also be deployed.

The MD-530F is fitted with the coaxial airborne weapon system FNHMP400 LCC developed by FN Herstal. The 50CAlFNM3P machine gun is included in the machine gun pod.

MD-530F Cayuse Deadly warrior
More Deadly Weapon; MD-530F Cayuse warrior

Those who recall the Gulf War between Saddam Hussein and the coalition powers will not fail to recognise the role played by the Special Forces and, in particular, the Delta Force and the Air Force that made much of Saddam’s equipment unusable.

A change of tact was called for by the nature of our adversary, since it is no longer a regular army, but rather a ragtag militia that specializes in guerrilla warfare and ultimately dissipates into the population.

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The use of IEDS was their method of operation. Aerial warfare will therefore be a class that is beyond their reach.

For a nation to rise and become a dominant power, it takes a disastrous event, including examples; The destructive atomic bombs that America exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that turned Japan into the frontier of innovation and industry. They say that every car in front of you is a Toyota all the time.

It was Hitler’s slaughter of more than 6 million Jews that made Israel a very small country to be one of the world’s most advanced countries, not militarily alone, but in other spheres of existence. In order for Rwanda to become a symbol of hope and a shining light in Africa, the massacre of over 800,000 Tutsi by Hutu militias took place.

However, by focusing on imports, no nation has achieved its greatest potential. It is high time that Kenya shifts its attention to add value and improve its own defense capabilities, such as in the case of China, Israel and Turkey, that its drones send shivers through the enemy’s spines while gaining foreign exchange from the selling of their weapons at the same time.

Nobody is a war monger, but the guarantee of peace is deterrence.

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