Unusual Behavior About Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng’ang’a Just Before He Committed Suicide

Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng'ang'a

Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng’ang’a took his own life on the 14th of this month by hanging himself. His body was found dangling from a tree in Kiambu where he lived.

According to colleagues, all was not well for Josh. Wangechi Kariuki a TV presenter and colleague at the same station, Joshua failed to attend a staff meeting just before the December 2020 break citing his grandfather’s illness as the reason.

Once the break was over, Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng’ang’a would usually miss work and instead ask his fellow directors to stand for him in his absence.

Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng’ang’a was very popular with his colleagues many finding him easy to hang out with. He was a jolly person who never crossed anyone’s path. Whatever the problem was we just wish he shared it with a close friend. A problem shared is a problem half solved so they say.

‘Josh Nganga did not look his usual self…’ Kameme TV colleagues narrate the last moments. Colleagues of Kameme TV’s news director Joshua Ng’ang’a are filled with tears and sorrow at the loss of a young soul.

Fellow Kameme TV presenter, Wangechi Kariuki, narrated some of Joshua’s last moments while at work.“When we were closing for the December holidays on the 18th of December, we had organized a staff meeting as colleagues.

However, Kameme TV Director Joshua Ng’ang’a called and said that he would not make it because his grandfather was ill… “… When we resumed work in January, he would contact one of the directors and ask him to cover his shift.

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The director would oblige but noticed that Josh did not look his usual self.”Another colleague of the late TV journalist paid tribute to him branding him a hardworking young man who was agreeable with everyone.

Edwin Kimunya wrote a tribute on social media, “I cannot believe it. My high school mate. Death so cruel.”

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