Next On Ringo: Julia Goes To See Rosa Who Is In Tears And Very Worried. After Julia Gives Her A Consoling Hug, Rosa Tells Her What Happened In The Ring.

Julia Goes To See Rosa Diego

Next On Ringo: Julia Goes To See Rosa: Santi runs after Ringo and sees him in a full-blown lock lip with Julia, he calls out to his father. Ringo asks him to say hello to Julia, but Santi runs back inside. Julia advises Ringo to go talk to Santi; so, Ringo goes back inside where he scolds Santi for being rude to Julia.

When Santi tells him that he didn’t like seeing him kiss Julia, Ringo tells him that it is not his business and he and Julia know what they are doing. Santi doesn’t care; he wants Ringo to be with his mother…and to be a family.

Ringo understands, but it’s not possible because he loves Julia. Santi yells that he wants Ringo to love his mother and runs out. Ringo runs after him and scolds Santi for running out and crossing the street.

Susana gives Guevara some pre-op instructions and offers to take him to the hospital the next day, but Guevara prefers to go to the hospital on his own. Carrizo is making a call to a doctor friend of his to ask if he can see his friend who has no strength in her arms.

After he hangs up, the housekeeper comes in and tells him that Marlen, Celia’s mother is there. Carrizo rushes off to find Marlen packing Celia’s things and chides her for trying to take HIS Celia after she abandoned them.

Marlen clarifies that she did not abandon them; he knows very well that she had to leave because of an emergency. Time flew by and her passport expired. It took her a long time to find them.

If Carrizo doesn’t let them go, she will call an attorney. When Carrizo threatens to call his own attorney, Marlen reminds him that he is not Celia’s father.

She doesn’t know how he took her out of the country, but she can send him to jail since he didn’t have her permission. She takes Celia and leaves,Julia tells Manuel that she asked Diego to leave, but he wants his severance pay.

Manuel reminds her that she was supposed to keep Diego there until more evidence could be found, but Julia argues that she could no longer stand to see him. Manuel advises her to keep Diego as vice-president but to take away any control he has.

Julia Goes To See Rosa

When Julia reiterates that she can’t stand to see him, Manuel advises that she move his office elsewhere. Just then, Ringo calls Julia and refers to him as “mi amor.” Eva takes note so Julia explains that she and Ringo are back together again.

Ringo takes Santi home and tells Gloria that Santi is not to leave the house; he is being punished, When Ringo leaves, Santi tells Gloria that he ran across the street because he was mad; he saw Ringo kissing Julia.

Gloria calmly tells him that Julia is not a good person…a person with good values would not destroy a family. Santi insists that Ringo loves Julia, but Gloria explains that it’s just a saying; Ringo can’t be with Julia because Julia is married and her husband won’t let her go.

They need to make his father forget about her. Oso asks Rosa how she is feeling. She pretends to be fine but comments that she still doesn’t have any strength in her arms.

Oso offers that she stays at his apartment, but Rosa prefers to go to her own place; though she allows Oso to accompany her. Julia meets Ringo outside.

After he tells her about her meeting with Manuel, Ringo explains that Santi is upset because he wants Ringo to be with Gloria. Julia thinks it’s normal since Gloria is his mother, but Ringo argues that he isn’t going to go back to Gloria just to satisfy the child.

After Ringo tells Julia that he needs to go back home to make things clear to Santi and Gloria, he tells her about Rosa not having strength in her arms; so, Julia goes off to see Rosa. At Rosa’s place, Carrizo arrives soon after Oso leaves.

He brought her some food. When Rosa asks about Celia, Carrizo tells her that her mother took her. He couldn’t do anything to stop her because he brought Celia without permission.

Carrizo cries as he tells Rosa that he loves Celia as if she were his own daughter. Carrizo apologizes for crying on her shoulder; he came to see how she was, not to be consoled. Every guy in the show is guaranteed a crying scene by the TN actors guild.

Moose gets his tonight. Rosa assures him that that Is what friends are for. After Carrizo leaves, Rosa cries and she caresses her hands. Ringo arrives home and talks to Santi who is brooding in his room.

Santi does not want to talk about Julia…he wants Ringo to be with his mother so that they can be a family. Ringo explains that he, Julia, and Santi can be a family but Santi doesn’t want Julia and Ringo can’t force him to love her.

Ringo can’t love Gloria just because Santi wishes it. When Ringo states that he doesn’t love Gloria, Santi blames Julia, but Ringo reminds him that he stopped loving Gloria way before he met Julia.

Santi pleads with him to love his mother since she has changed and is a good person now. When Ringo reiterates that he does not love Gloria, Santi gets upset and tells him to leave his room. Ringo goes out and tells Gloria that he was not able to calm Santi down. Ringo knows that Gloria is already aware that he and Julia are back together.

Gloria lies through her well-hidden fangs as she tells him that she told Santi that he needs to accept what Ringo wants. Ringo questions if she really said that since Santi is insisting that they be a family again…and it’s because Gloria is manipulating him.

Julia Goes To See Rosa

Gloria denies is but admits that she agrees with Santi that they could be a family again. Ringo refuses to allow her to put ideas in Santi’s head and tells her that she needs to find a place of her own…she can no longer stay there. Gloria runs into Santi’s room.

When he sees her crying, she tells him that Ringo ran her off… “that woman” has him poisoned! Santi yells that he will never love Julia and wants to go tell his father that he doesn’t want her to leave, but Gloria stops him and tells him that Ringo is too angry and won’t listen.

Julia goes to see Rosa who is in tears and very worried. After Julia gives her a consoling hug, Rosa tells her what happened in the ring. When she tells Julia that Susana got her an appointment with the doctor, Julia asks to accompany her.

Rosa responds that Oso was going to take her, but she prefers that Julia accompany her and will let Oso know. When Rosa ask about Julia’s professional opinion, Julia hesitates, but explains that, in the worst-case scenario, Rosa would need surgery, but hopefully she will only therapy and exercises.

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