Next On Ringo: Julia’s Face Reflects Her Fury At Diego’s Machinations. She Is In Disbelief And Wonders Who She Actually Married

Julia Brenda

Julia and Sandra reprise their conversation. Julia’s face reflects her fury at Diego’s machinations. She is in disbelief and wonders who she actually married. Ringo told her so many times that Diego wasn’t who she thought and yet, she never listened.

She curses Diego and wants to kill him, but Sandra warns her not to do anything until she talks to Avendaño…she might alert Diego. Julia threatens that if she finds out that Diego had anything to do with her father’s murder, she will make sure he rots in jail to his last day. I hope she keeps that promise.

Guachin calls Luchis as Hercules nuzzles her neck and she responds with kisses. Right in the gym dressing room! Without skipping a beat, she tells Guachin she will watch the fight at the Club and then hangs up.

Pepe walks in and is impacted. He reminds her she just got married but she retorts it is HER problem. Pepe rushes out telling Damasio what he saw. Damasio tells Pepe to keep his mouth shut as situations between married couples are delicate.

Teresa is beside herself because Gloria took Santi to watch the fight…she is only promoting his interest in boxing. Manuel points out that Santi will always be interested since he has boxing in his blood.

After he comments that boxing is a good sport, he adds that he will encourage his grandson to be a boxer. Teresa hopes the baby will be a girl! Is anyone else a bit surprised that Manuel is cheering for Rafa rather than Alejo? I digress… Eva tells Max he is the love of her life and a sweet kiss ensues.

Alejo warms his hands unnecessarily as he appears more than primed. Brenda encourages Alejo to go out and finish off Rafa as she peppers him with loud, annoying kisses.

Meanwhile, Guevara is asking Susana to be her eyes and tell him how Alejo is doing during the fight. Susana agrees but only after she makes Guevara agree to get his surgery.

Oso and Rosa start to watch the fight from her hospital room. Who is Rafa she asks? My son Oso replies. Rosa still looks puzzled as they converse a bit. She encourages him to go to the fight which he does after kissing her forehead.

Rafa is praying and then he, Ringo, and Guachin give a rousing Delta boxing club cheer. Better pray harder Rafa I silently urge. Lighted candles add to the mood.

The chant intensifies getting louder. I hope all this translates to fists of fury.
Alejo spars and gears up. Next, the press discus the fighters and also mentions that Ringo who trained at the same club will be going for the world championship and fight “El Ciclón”.

The announcer introduces Rafa. The crowd cheers. Rafa is garbed in white. Poor innocent.

Next, Alejo arrives, strutting in like he owns the joint, full of confidence and arrogance. Alejo waves at Brenda, so Guevara tells him to focus. Alejo brags that Rafa won’t make it beyond the third round; he is going bro knock him out! Guevara warns him that he should respect his opponent and forget what he learned when he was street fighting.

Brenda is rooting for Alejo and thinks Santi should root for him too. Santi refuses since his father is Rafa’s trainer.

Rafa gets a pep talk and a massage from Ringo. Guevera gives his client the same while Brenda adds her unwanted to the encouragement to rather overt contempt from Gloria and Santi puzzled stares.

The bell is rung. Rafa manages to avoid any crippling punches initially and it appears that Rafa is swatting at jabs. Then Alejo starts pummeling Rafa who finally manages to get away.

Guevera tells him to calm down, it’s only the first round! The press notices Alejo’s prowess. So do we. After the first round is over, Ringo advises Rafa on what to do.

At the club, a quiet crowd has gathered to watch the beating the fight. Ringo applies salve and fluids, but of course, Rafa needs much more than that.

Julia and Sandra arrive at ringside where Brenda huffs that she is surrounded by undesirables! Julia gives a warm hello to Santi, telling him she is there for Rafa and gives Ringo a smile that actually reaches her eyes. He notices and looks a bit surprised and nods.

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