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What You Didn’t Know About Judith Kenei, Wife To The Late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei.

Judith Kenei, Wife To The Late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei

Judith Kenei is the wife of the late sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. She is one hardworking woman determined to achieve success through effort and total striving.

Judith Kenei is hardworking and striving hard to ensure her child gets the best just like his father would have done.

Judith Kenei has still focused on changing her life for the better with each day turning into an amazing ordeal.

Her love for Kenei has remained steadfast and strong but unfortunately, that is just it as Kenei is no more. She however is focused on ensuring her child will get to achieve the best in life.

Judith Kenei, Wife To The Late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei
Judith Kenei, Wife To The Late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei

Judith Kenei and Kipyegon Kenei only married for one year and had not officiated their marriage. They had planned a wedding in August this year but unfortunately, she did not live to see the day.

It’s believed his death was related to the fake military arms deal that happened at Harambee annex and involved ex-sports CS Rashid Echesa. 

DP Ruto, however, distanced himself from the deal and asked for a thorough investigation to ascertain the truth though to date nothing has come out and files are just absorbing dust at DCI headquarters.

Judith Kenei and Kenei were building a three-bedroom house in their rural home that was almost complete.

Unfortunately, Kenei died without even sleeping in his house. It’s a truly painful ordeal that affected the family to date.

Judith Kenei, Wife To The Late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei
William Ruto with Sgt Kenei’s Son

Judith Kenei and Kenei had been blessed with a lovely son who was only ten days when the family received the news of his death.

She has however focused on working hard owing Kebei was the family breadwinner, to ensure her child lives to the dreams his father had for him.

That’s water under the bridge however as Kenei is no more. Judith Kenei however believes the truth will come out one day and the files of Kenei will one day be looked into.

It’s something that has heavily affected her to date and she says life has never been the same since Kenei’s death. May his Saul rest in eternal peace.

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