Jubilee PG Transcript: This Is What Happened Inside KICC During Jubilee PG Meeting.


Jubilee Party SG Tuju starts the meeting…

Tuju: We appreciate DP Ruto attending and joining us. He has been waiting for us to start for the last 30 minutes at the waiting room.

The President is NOT coming here. But he will shortly be joining us via Zoom. But as you know State House is just here he may just decide to come.

For now we will continue. …we will focus on this screen. This is where he will join us from.

( Just then the Presidential Chair is brought in and DP leaves to welcome his boss)

Upon entry.

Meru Women Rep, Kawira Mwangaza is asked to pray for meeting to start.

Then SG Tuju rises “As I had said earlier, the President was to join us via Zoom, I am sure he will tell us why he chose to come instead.

Let me introduce the Agenda of meeting.

Just then, President Interjects.

PRESIDENT: I think it is important I explain why I choose not to Zoom.

Everything was ready for the Video.

But you know we got Covid cases in State House. We have locked down State House. I am not even going to my office at State House.

So I had to wait for my results.

I got my results this morning and they came negative, even my Aide-de-Camp is Negative.

I did not want to come nianze kuwaambukiza.

President invited Tuju


The main agenda is to discuss a petition signed by 126 MPS to remove the Majority Leader.

The President then requested for a PG

I will therefore request DP Ruto to come and Speak.

DP Waves to Tuju to say he has nothing to say

Tuju invites President.


Today, I came to continue what we said in State House.

As I said some between us have decided to engage in politics. Nyinyi muendelee.

So, since nimepata 126 signatures, let me put the Question, are you in concurrence?

Loud Noooos and Yesses.

The President weighed the acclamation and Decided Duale would be replaced by Kimunya.

Sasa Luna wengine wenu who are angling to be leaders na bado Niko kwa ofisi. Nyinyi muendelee.

Kuna wengine wenu wajuaji sana. Wanasema The Poor vs The Rich.

Msifikiri siskii kile mnasema.

Mimi na DP wangu hatuna problem. Problem ni hawa wajuaji but you know what happens after 5 years. We only have two years. Mtaona.

Hii ni Marathon. Sio Relay. I will give it to someone who will complete my legacy.

Kuna wengine wananiita Dictator. Mimi si Dictator.

Anyway, wake wanataka tufanye Kazi tufanye, wale wanataka siasa muendelee.

William, uko na kitu ya kusema ama kuongezea?

DP holds his palms together as an appreciation sign and declines invite to say anything. Prefering silence.

Asante sana.


For the sake of minutes, we need two people to Second.

Hon.Mishra, Hon. Waruguru, Hon. Sabina raises their hands.

Hon. Waruguru is picked to the Second removal of Hon. Duale as Majority Leader.

Hon. Sabina is picked to Second the appointment of Amos Kimunya as the new Majority Leader

Meeting Ends.

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