ODM Deputy Party Hassan JOHO and Junet MOHAMMED Aboard a Private Jet To Dubai to See Raila(Photos).

Hassan Joho

Private Jet To Dubai: ODM party leader Raila Odinga has now been in Dubai for a dew days after he was secretly flown out for a minor back surgery last month.

Raila left with a small team and is yet to return to the country contrary to some reports. Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho had updated people on Raila’s health sometime back and said he had talked with Raila. “I had the opportunity to speak to my party leader and my father the Baba of the nation. I feel happy and encouraged that he is progressing well.

He has undergone a procedure. Let us not forget that even our leaders are human beings. Sometimes they get sick and are treated. I have no doubt that within the shortest time possible, Baba will be back in Kenya.” Joho said.

Today, Joho and Junet Mohammed informed their supporters that they were off to see Raila Odinga in Dubai. Joho uploaded photos of the two of them just before takeoff and while aboard a private jet. “Off to Dubai with @JunetMohamed to see Baba.” He captioned the pictures. 

On the first of this month, Winnie Odinga Raila’s daughter uploaded a video of her father assuring his supporters that he was well.

Through his Twitter account, Raila also wrote saying that all was well and thanked all those that sent him ‘get well soon messages “I’m feeling great, and let me thank everyone who sent me messages of goodwill. Asante, Asante, Asante Sana.” Raila tweeted. 

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