Top 7 Well-Paying Jobs You Can Do Without A Degree In Kenya

Top 7 Well-Paying Jobs You Can Do Without A Degree In Kenya

Are you sitting at home stressed over how you can not find a new line of work in Kenya without a degree? All things considered, it’s time you ought to assess your considerations again since starting at 2021, there are some acceptable paying positions in Kenya requesting your skill.

A large portion of the positions that you will see on this rundown simply require your essential abilities and secondary school knowledge. They require exercises showed wherever throughout everyday life and great relational abilities.

1. Taxi Driver – Uber & Bolt

Taxi drivers make up to Ksh 25,000 every week. A decent sum, correct? All you require to turn into a taxi driver in Kenya is a driving licence as well as great relational abilities.

This will prove to be useful to help you banter with your customer. Investigate a portion of the capabilities you should meet to turn into a Uber or Bolt driver in Kenya underneath.

2. Realtor

I have collaborated with a huge number of realtors in Kenya and shockingly the greater part of them don’t have a higher education in the field. All you require to have is acceptable relational abilities and information on the current market; its pattern and so on Fundamental Maths will likewise prove to be useful for this work.

Recall that your essential work will be going about as a specialist i.e you enquire for empty houses to let or sell and interface your customers to the proprietors.

3. Local (tour) guide

One can turn into a visit a guide without a degree in Kenya. Truly! That is conceivable with experience in taking care of gathering travel in any travel service. One should acquire information on different objections and pragmatic challenges in dealing with travel and tourism.

There are not many travel services, for example, TrippyGO Tours and Travel utilize individuals and send them on visits as aides. I have seen visit directors going around the planet and make money from it which is really great.

4. Blogger

Centered bloggers in Kenya are raking in tons of cash up to six-figure sums every month without a degree. It starts with setting up your own blog.

There are five primary advances you need to experience to set up a blog. Indeed, there’s no coding needed by you. Uplifting news, correct?

5. Real Estate agent

I have interacted with many hundreds of real estate agents in Kenya and surprisingly most of them work without a degree in the field. All you need to have is good communication skills and knowledge of the current market; its trend etc. 

Basic Maths will also come in handy for this job. Remember that your basic work will be acting as a broker i.e you enquire for vacant houses to let or sell and connect your clients to the owners.

6. Social Media Manager

Six ago, the role of a social media manager might not have even existed in Kenya. Today, however, almost every company is involved in social media one way or another. Be it hospitality, education, fashion, politics, real estate, travel, retail, E-Commerce, or any startup, everyone needs a strong digital presence. 

Whether it’s done via storytelling, interactive campaigns, or other methods of brand building, it’s crucial to have a social media manager to build your digital brand and manage its image.

To be a good social media manager you must be creative, good grammar, and be ready to adapt to new trends.

Things that you should be ready to learn as a social media manager.

  1. Copywriting – This is the most important skill of every social media manager, you should know how to write short copies that can grab your audience’s attention easily. Google Chrome extensions such as Grammarly will help you a lot here.
  2. How to use Analytics – This will help you in writing your monthly reports to make sure you’re on the right track. It will also help you know which posts have been performing well.
  3. Writing your social media strategy – This will help you to know the best time to post, run a campaign and keep eye on your key competitors.

In Kenya, the average salary of a social media manager is Ksh 50,000.

7. Politician 

This is one of the best if not the best-paying careers in Kenya. If you have tried all the options above and have proved to be unfruitful, you can alternatively venture into politics and vie for an MCA or MP seat.

Here, you will comfortably earn good money after winning.  If you are a populist, the better!  Below are MCA and MP salaries in Kenya.

See MCA’s Salary here

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