Billionaire Jimmy Wanjingi Businesses And Properties He Owns.

Jimmy Wanjingi Businesses And Properties

Billionaire Jimmy Wanjingi is one of the most recognized billionaires in the country and he has always been in the political scenes for a very long time with his latest political affiliation him being a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Being a person with a high interest’s in the country’s political happenings, he stays in Muthaiga where he has a very nice multi-million home.

Jimmy Wanjingi runs his father’s business called the Kwacha Group of Companies and this multi-billion company was started by his father when he was a cabinet minister in Mois Government and was also a Member of Parliament.

Jimmy Wanjingi also runs his own company called the Tyl Limited and this company does monetary transactions worth several millions of dollars.

This company also offers private banking, international banking, wealth management, and investment services to business tycoons.

Wanjingi also has invested in the real estate industry and he own’s a flat I’m London, a house in UAE, and other homes in Zurich.

He also drives in some of the most expensive high end vehicles in the country and he owns a helicopter too.

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