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Richard Jimmy Wanjigi was born on the 17th of November 1962 in Nyeri County to James Maina Wanjigi and Mary Wanjigi.

His parents, Maina Wanjigi and Mary Wambui Wanjigi trace their origins to Mathioya Constituency in Murang’a County, the place Jimi, therefore, calls home. He is the second born among four siblings. Jimmy is a devout Catholic.

Jimmy Wanjigi Education

His childhood was fun and adventurous. He went to Woodley Nursery School, St. Mary’s School, York University in Canada & Daystar University.

He is married to Irene Nzisa, with whom they have two children – Maina Wanjigi and Wambui Wanjigi.

Jimmy Wanjigi Wife

Jimmy Wanjigi married Irene on March 15th, 1997. They have two children. Irene holds a degree in Finance and manages the family’s real estate business.

She is also an excellent homemaker. Maina is a student of Economics, while Wambui is in her final year of high school.

Early Life/ Mentorship

As a young boy, Jimi’s aspirations were grand. He wanted a family, a home, and desired to impact the world. As he grew up, he would tell people that he would be successful at changing the world.

Why? Because he wanted to add value to other people’s lives. He looked forward to the evolving destinies. This was on his mind throughout his childhood through to his days as a young adult.

At school, he was ambitious and playful. In high school, he debuted in biashara. He sold little stuff and kept aside profits.


So far in his working life, he has become an accounts intern, a consultant, an agent, a business owner, and is currently the CEO of Kwacha Group of Companies. He is also a father, a great son, a brother, a grandson, a mentor, and a mentee.

He does not depart from the fact that multiple players over the years have molded him. His parents have a permanent footprint in who he is today, as are all others who got involved in his upbringing.

Wanjigi has nothing but total regard for his circle of friends who always lift him and cheer him on. He is grateful for his loyal and dedicated staff and employees.

And most importantly, Jimi celebrates his family. Maina & Wambui, are his greatest motivation. Meanwhile, Irene is the ultimate pillar and the love of his life.

Jimmy Wanjigi Net Worth,  10 Expensive Things Owned By Jimmy Wanjigi,  Jimmy Wanjigi Wife,  Maina Wanjigi Family,  Jimmy Wanjigi Son,  Jimmy Wanjigi Private Jet,  Jimmy Wanjigi House,  Maina Wanjigi Biography,

Jimi enjoys reading books, swimming, taking walks, watching soccer & documentaries. He is an avid debater and enjoys topical discussions. He enjoys and encourages healthy eating.

Philanthropy is essential to Wanjigi. As intimated earlier, he believes in adding value to people’s lives. And it’s through the Maina Wanjigi Foundation that he gives back to society.

Jimmy Wanjigi Business

Currently, he is the CEO of Kwacha Groups of Companies, Jimi started his first company in partnership with a former classmate at only 23. The company was called BINS limited – a private garbage collection enterprise.


To be successful in life, business and work, Wanjigi believes that you must challenge the status quo. To embrace and not silence the rebel in each one of us. To question more, to push boundaries and be progressive and not destructive.

Wanjigi, through life’s hardship, whether work, family, or business-related, saw opportunities in challenges and seeming barriers.

To Jimi, on the leeward side of fear lies all one wants. To him, dreaming is essential, and ambition is necessary. “Once you become fearless, life is limitless”.

Jimmy Wanjigi Presidential Campaign

Twitter on Tuesday morning woke up to the WanjigiForPresident hashtag with most influencers blowing the businessman’s trumpet loud.

This follows an interview Wanjigi had with KTN where he declared his interest in the presidential race in 2022 that had since been of interest to different politicians including the deputy president.

Jimmy Wanjigi Net Worth,10 Expensive Things Owned By Jimmy Wanjigi, Jimmy Wanjigi Wife, Maina Wanjigi Family, Jimmy Wanjigi Son, Jimmy Wanjigi Private Jet.

Mr. Wanjigi has been a political strategist formerly in the NASA camp in the 2017 elections and is also credited to the assumption of power by the current president.

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has joined the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2022 General Election. The presidential race after his announcement is now crowded with names such as Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo Musyoka, Mukhisa Kituyi, and Gideon Moi in the aspirant’s list.

“This time I shall not be king making. I shall address the rest of your questions at the appropriate juncture,” Wanjigi said earlier this month in an interview with the Standard.

Now the supremacy battle in the Mount Kenya region is in question with this entry. There are beautiful photos and posters already on social media drumming up support for Wanjigi.

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