Jeridah Andayi Biography, Education, Marriage, Career & Salary

Jeridah Andayi is among the few media personalities aware of the need to improve their competitiveness in the job market to avoid being replaced by fresh and young talents.

This realization has enabled her to prosper and elevate her media career to a higher level.

Personal Life

If we were to rank Kenya’s most secretive media personalities, Jeridah would be among the top contenders.

Although it’s evident that she is married, the radio host has managed to keep her spouse’s details private.

She only reveals limited information regarding her personal life, such as posting their three children pictures, a boy and two girls, while ensuring the details of her husband and her age (including her birthday) remain anonymous.

Sadly, she confessed that she lost her second-born daughter in 2008 in a road accident. She was only two years and four months old.

Career and Salary

 Jeridah Andayi was fortunate to be exposed to the media industry at a young age since her father was a close friend of the reputable Kenyan media legend, Leonard Mambo Mbotela.

After she completed her high school studies at Chakol secondary school in Busia County, since she is from the Abalugh’a community, her father recognized that his daughter had a passion for the media industry.

He introduced her to his friend, Mambo Mbotela, who noticed she had the potential, charisma, and voice to succeed in the media industry.

The veteran encouraged her to pursue mass communication.

Heeding the advice, she joined KIMC (Kenya Institute of Mass Communication) in 2009 and later graduated with a Diploma in Journalism in 2011.

She later pursued a bachelor’s degree in mass communication at U.O.N (the University of Nairobi) and graduated in 2015.

After attaining the required academic credentials to join the industry, she started her media career at KBC station, where she was a co-host on a show called ‘The Burden of Proof.’ 

However, her stay on the national broadcasting station was relatively short since the giant media firm, Royal Media, poached her in early 2017.

Fortunately, her radio career’s big break came sooner than expected in 2018 after Joyce wa Gaturo and her co-host, comedian Wilbroda left the station in early 2018.

Jeridah, alongside the famous Kenyan comedian and actor, Mwala, replaced the two and started hosting Radio Citizen’s morning program ‘Jambo Kenya,’ which airs every weekday from 6-10 AM.

Besides being Citizen Radio’s morning show host, she is the station’s brand manager.

Jeridah Andayi Salary

Although her exact income is also a well-kept secret, reliable sources have confirmed that she receives a six-figure monthly salary estimated to be Ksh.1, 200,0000.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of her net pay per KRA’s latest net salary remunerations.

Gross Pay 1,200,0000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 1,197.220
PAYE 352,383.35
Net Pay 844,836.65

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