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Jalang’o Net Worth, Salary, Emcee (MC) Charges, Properties, Business And Jalang’o Endorsements

Jalang'o Net Worth, Salary, Emcee (MC) Charges And

Media personality Felix Odiwour alas Jalang’o has boasted that his net worth is way more than the Sh10 million which is true, and we will show you why.

In a recent interview with Aypo TV, Jalang’o was asked whether it was indeed true that all his assets and finances in hand amounted to Sh10 million.

To which he set the record straight, instead suggesting the figure was just but the estimated value of one of his many cars.

“Sh10 million? That is just the price of one of my cars; there is a V8, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes SLK, Discovery…. But I thank God for everything,” he said.

The popular comedian cum radio presenter also revealed he owned several apartments that he has turned to Airbnb.

“I have apartments and the house I live in. The apartments are several and most are in the Airbnb business because it’s a big business nowadays in Nairobi,” he added.

With everything he owns, Jalango revealed that his greatest achievement is building his mother a house.

According to Jalang’o, his late father died on the same day he got his first job on the radio, but behind a letter asking him to build his mother a house and educate his siblings.

Jalang’o further revealed he was working on a construction project with his longtime friend Alex Mwakideu.

“We had pieces of land and wondered what we should do with them. Using our influence, we asked partners and sponsors to help construct houses as a way of advertising their products,” he said.

Alex and Jalang’o have documented their project on the YouTube channel Jenga na Alex na Jalas.

Radio host – Jalang’o Salary

His stint at KISS FM under the tutelage of retired radio queen Caroline Mutoko provided the comedian a platform to learn and thrive.

Jalang’o easily gelled with Mutoko to make the morning show the most popular in Kenya at the time. The comedian then moved to Radio Maisha where he teamed up with Alex Mwakideu.

Early last year, the restless funny man called it quits at Radio Maisha to join Hot 96 FM where he co-hosts the morning show with the equally talented Jeff Koinange. According to SDE, the comedian’s salary is about kes1.1 million.

Jalang'o Net Worth, Salary, Emcee (MC) Charges And

Jalang’o Emcee (MC) Charges

Jalang’o has turned the art of being an emcee into a pot of gold for him. Emceeing has proved to be a cozy safe-space for him, probably because his services are attracting demand.

The comedian was quoted on daily nation saying that in a good week he’d have around 7 gigs which obviously pay handsomely.

When open doors happen for him, in a month, Jalang’o can earn around Kes 2 million as an emcee.

Jalang’o Business

Contrary to many Kenyan actors, Mr. Jalas recognizes the presence of future expectations that are heavily bearing down on everybody. That mentioned, Jalas actively plans for his retirement.

He’s the owner of a PR and marketing company called Arena Media. His broadening network has paved a leeway that enables his company to work hand in hand with blue-chip companies.

The fact that Jalang’o was the creative brain behind the fascinating molo milk advert seems to support the brutal truth that he isn’t a class 8 dropout.

Jalang’o Endorsements

A two-year endorsement deal with Hanan tissue brand meant a steady lumpsum on Jalango’s side. He has also been earning heavily by being a brand ambassador for Falcom rice, Molo Milk, and Safaricom.

Jalas earns Kes 5 million on each endorsement deal he pens down.

Jalang’o Properties owned by Jalang’o

Jalang’o boost of a high-end Bentley which is worth kes18 million. He owns a Range Rover Overfinch, a BMW X6, and a Land Rover Discovery. His parking shade houses cars worth Kes 50 million.

He channeled Ksh 2 million into the construction of his home which is nestled somewhere in Siaya.

Jalang’o Net worth

Making an estimate of Ksh 2 million per month, Jalang’o net worth is north of Ksh 100 million.

He did his KCSE in Nyangoma Boys Secondary School where he scored a C+. He’s married and the romantic relationship is blessed with a daughter.

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