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Equity Bank Users: Here Is Why Your Money Is Not Safe With The Bank.

Equity Bank Users

Equity Bank Kenya is stealing from customers. Multiple reports by customers over missing cash from their accounts flood their customer care social media. This is not the first the Bank is on the spot for allegations of stealing from its customers and paying them off with bad customer service.

Kenyans often take to social media to share stories about their horrible experiences with giant financial institution. Shocking incidents of money mysteriously disappearing from their accounts and being asked to pay loans they didn’t apply for.

One Kendi Gichobi took to Equity Bank’s social media account late Saturday morning after money she had entrusted the bank with was withdrawn without her knowledge. In the tweet, she furiously accuses the bank of not assisting her for a whole month and even blocking her calls.

This is just one case of the amount of theft going on at the Equity Bank.  Earlier this year  Lydia Mathia, posted on Facebook how the bank okayed the withdrawal of her father’s Ksh34,000 in what looked like an inside job.

Ms. Mathia’s dad discovered that he could not use his Equity Bank Equitel pin and decided to visit the Limuru branch where he had opened the account. The customer care attendants dismissed him rudely and told him off.

After finally sorting things out by renewing the SIM card, the dad got a notification to repay an outstanding loan of Ksh34,000.

Equity Bank Users

Another client was late last year met with a rude shock after Ksh400,000 went missing from his account. His money was withdrawn using the Equitel platform barely two days after being issued with an Equity Bank Equitel line.

The client claims he was initially able to even check his balance using the issued Equitel line but it later malfunctioned and before he knew it he was Ksh 400,000 poorer.

Here’s a list of other Kenyans complaining #BoycottEquityBank about the same:

  1. Imagine working so hard to secure a future for your kids, you think the Equity Bank is where your money will be safe only for thieves to sweep you Clean! #BoyCottEquityBank

2. Looking at the fraud cases happening at @KeEquityBank, refrain from using the bank. If must you bank with Equity, don’t use the Equity Bank Equitel line. Personally, immediately after I got registered with the line, fraudsters were already reaching out. Within seconds! #BoycottEquityBank

3. How can @KeEquityBank systems and your team not Flag mobile transactions of up-to 0.9M in 2hrs? It’s either y’all are incompetent or Thieves! #BoycottEquityBank

4. My mum went to Equity bank and bought an equitel line , she was told that it needs 24hrs to be activated and she’ll be called the next day. True to their word , they called her. And that’s how she lost 30k. #BoycottEquityBank

5. Early this year I traveled to Germany… after few months something told me to check my balance via the eazzy banking app and to my surprise, my account had a negative balance – 1,000,000 @KeEquityBank when did I take a loan? where’s my savings @Osama_otero#BoycottEquityBank

The list is endless just visit this Equity Bank hashtag (#BoycottEquityBank) and let us know what you think about the whole issue here below.

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